Bracket set for Hoover

Arkansas will play either LSU or Georgia on Wednesday afternoon.

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Hopefully Thursday’s late games will have Wicklander vs Rocker and MacLeod (or Bednar) vs Dallas. Those could as good or better games than what you’ll have in Omaha.

Could be that Kopps comes in to finish off Vandy Thursday, then doesn’t pitch again in Hoover.

I’m guessing Lockhart pitches against LSU/UGA, Wicklander on Thursday, and Bolden Saturday (or Friday). A 4th (or 5th) game might look a lot like today’s UF game.

Im sure its been said before but this is one of the most confusing brackets I have ever seen!


Me too. I kept looking for who we’d play if we won the second game. I’m not certain, but I think if we win the first two games we play the championship game against the winner of the losers bracket.

It will be interesting to see how DVH approaches this knowing Vandy is likely Game 2 team, do you risk putting Bolden out there and possibly losing? We will see.

Schedule isn’t as confusing as it first seems.

Tuesday games are 5-12 seeds. Losers go home.

Wednesday begins double elimination tournament of 8 teams (2 separate brackets like the regionals… 1,4,5,8 seeds in one bracket and 2,3,6,7 seeds in the other).

Thursday games pair winners vs winners and losers vs losers from Wednesday (in respective brackets)

After Thursday’s play, there will be 2 teams that haven’t lost… one from each bracket. Those 2 teams advance to Saturday’s semifinals…

And play the winners of the 2 Friday games (which are 4 teams that have lost once, either Wednesday or Thursday).

Saturday’s losers go home, regardless if that’s your first loss… so as to not make Tournament too long.

And Saturday winners play championship on Sunday.

See?.. simple. :flushed:

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Didn’t that “Saturday losers go home even if its your first loss” bite us in the a$$ a couple years ago? I’ve hated it ever since!

Yes, 2018, the year we were national runner-up…

We were 4 seed in Hoover, won Wednesday (USC) and Thursday (UF… Hunter hit the granny), but lost 2-1 Saturday to LSU (Campbell pitched great).

I don’t want to use any of our arms more than 2 innings. This thing does not matter. I guess it would be nice to win, but it is not worth expending any energy at all. Let some of the guys who need to pitch do it. What matters comes the following week where we we need everybody to be very sharp with no let downs or screw ups at all.

The goal of this team has been to get to OMA and take something that got away. Nothing should be done that veers from that goal.


I wonder if Coach Pittman or Coach Musselman would make it to Hoover for the semis or finals if Hogs play next weekend?

Or, would they just wait and go to Omaha?

I wish we didn’t even have to go to Hoover, we usually don’t play well there. I wished Regionals were next weekend,

Hoover, this year, for us, will be like playing a mid-week series. It will give some pitchers good work against hitters other than ours, and allow reps for our top 11-12 players.

Nope. If we win Wednesday and Thursday we play a semifinal Saturday, which is where we might see Vandy. If we lose one of the first two there’s an elimination game Friday.

We could see Vandy Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Possibly Thursday AND Saturday.

You’re right. If we both win (or both lose) Wednesday we play them Thursday. If there’s a split, Friday. Or Saturday. Or not at all. The permutations are endless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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