Bracket matrix update from Sunday AM

Now up to 10 seed with Michigan, Cal and Wichita State. Only a couple of 12 seeds, still one 7 from the guy in Vancouver. Listed in 87 of the 92 brackets this time. Tennessee is in their first four out.

Swine have you looked at South Carolina’s schedule and Florida’s schedule?
South Carolina 10-4 20-7
@ Florida
MIssisspi State
@ Ole Miss

@ Kentucky
@ Texas A&M

It’s possible for us to improve and end up 3 seed in the SEC tournament.
We should get in the Dance if we keep playing well and win!

I have looked. Certainly, with SoCar in freefall and playing the Lizards on the road, I would expect Florida to win, which would put us in a tie with SC if we beat A&M, and we hold the tiebreaker (Alabama could also tie, but we hold the tiebreaker with them too). Bama is going to keep the pressure on us though; if we slip, they pass us before we pass the Chickens.

Bama plays Georgia, at A&M, Ole Miss, at Tennessee, BTW.

However, where we finish in the conference race is essentially meaningless as far as the selection committee is concerned. It’s the total resume over 31+ games, not just the 18+ in conference play. We’re not being compared with Tennessee or Bama, we’re being compared with Marquette and Syracuse and TCU, and other bubble teams. The good news is, this is regarded as a fairly weak bubble. Most teams in this situation will play somewhere around .500 from here on. Those who do better than that can get off the bubble and into the field fairly safely. Those who stumble, pop their own bubble.

Obviously, we need to keep playing well. Question is, how well? Will 3-1 from here out get us in? Is a win or two in Nashville mandatory? What I wrote in the last paragraph, if the committee agrees, suggests that 3-1 would do the job.