Bracket Matrix: up to 8 seed Friday

Moved past Iowa and Illinois, both of whom lost yesterday, and Florida Atlantic, which beat Western Kentucky yesterday. More or less rated 30th; Maryland is 29th, Misery is the bottom 7 seed. What happens if/after Misery loses to Tennessee today? We shall see. Will it matter to the committee? Tune in Sunday. Same with Sparty, also a 7 seed, which is playing the Suckeyes again today for the second time in a week; they lost to aOSU on Saturday at home.

Our range is now 7-10; the guy who had us 11th either revised that or dropped out (if you go a few days without an update, you get dropped until the next update).

Just wonder what this would looks like with a win tonight?

Lots of moving parts. We win, Misery or Sparty or both lose, maybe we move up to a 7. Maybe Dook loses to Miami; they’re also a 7. Northwestern already lost but that may not be factored in to some brackets. Maryland is the top 8; they play Indiana later.

Northwestern will play Penn State this evening in the Big Ten quarterfinals.

Who is Sparty?

Michigan State

net rankings for Mar 10. 2023

Or the real thing:

Sparty is trailing the Suckeyes in the second half. Long way to go but…

Also Misery trailing Mustard in the first half.

Please give me the 7 or 10 line……have never been a fan of the 8/9 line for obvious reasons!

Sparty down 11 with 2 minutes to go. There is the possibility of seed line movement if we can take advantage.

FWIW, Lunardi said today will be the last day with significant seeding movement. He’s probably talking more about the top 16 teams than those mid-bracket, but either one is probably correct.

Mizzou for the second time handled Tennessee. They are a good veteran ball club. I believe they list nine seniors on their roster most of which can play another year.

Mizzou is damn good. Very impressed with Kobe Brown and Dennis Gates.