Bracket Matrix: Solid 7 seed

Show up on all 110 brackets in yesterday’s update with an average of 6.76, which works out to the #2 7 seed (you can think of that as being ranked 26th in the country). Auburn is a 1, Kentucky a 2, Tennessee a 4, Bama a 5, LSU a 6 and we’re a 7. Florida and Moo U are disappearing, named on 22 and 3 brackets respectively.

Two weeks ago we were an 11 seed. Amazing what beating #1 will do for national perception.

I looked back approximately one year (just after we beat Alabama on 2/24/21) and we were a solid 5 seed then. Then we won our next 4 after that and got up to a 3 seed. With seven games to go, and three of those against Kentucky and Tennessee, we could get close to that if we win most of them.

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Indeed. The remaining schedule is really tough but that actually means we still have a lot of room to move up in the seedings.

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