Bracket Matrix: Hogs still top 9 seed

Passed by Wichita State, but they passed Northwestern. If the committee anywhere near agrees, we would have to be passed by like 10-12 teams to miss the tournament. And the thing I like about Bracket Matrix is that, because it includes so many opinions, the outliers are negated. The outlier, if there is one, could be someone on the committee who undervalues us or overvalues someone else. But it would require several outliers to knock us out. Unless…

Our Achilles heel would be to lose to Misery on Friday. Which would first require Misery to beat Auburn and Ole Miss back to back. I don’t see Misery winning either of those, much less both, much less then beating us.

In case you wonder, RPI Wizard says a loss to Misery would knock us from 28th to 43rd. Losing to Auburn would be 39th. Losing to OM would be 38th.

Some pundits (and supposed fans) still like to throw it in our face about our record over probable tourney teams. It irritates me. Look at our chances: AT Minnesota, AT OSU, AT UK, AT Vandy, AT UF, AT USC, UF, Vandy. We blew our two home chances but split with Vandy after they were already on their run. How many #8-ish seeds are going to be .500 in those games? The typical record is going to be 2-6, but we did it in an unconventional manner. Our overall SOS is good. We defeated a bevy of bubble teams on the road and obliterated some at home. Our computer rankings are universal top 40. We have an excellent road record. We’re strong down the stretch. We’re a lock, or at least should be.

Do you guys believe the ACC should get 10 or 11 teams in the Dance ?

Never have thought they deserved those kinds of numbers and never will!

if we can win one and get to a semifinals matchup vs florida, win or lose that may be enough for our rpi to get the 7 seed.

we need Florida to win and a few of our noncon opponents to win their conf bids.

I think we need more than an RPI bump to get 7 seed. We need another quality win, which would be Florida. That’s where our resume is lacking.

I agree. but if we beat ole miss and lose to Florida then I see our rpi getting back up to 26-27 range. I don’t see many teams worse than 28 rpi more deserving of a 7 seed than us in that scenario.

if we beat Florida and lose to Kentucky in championship game, that is top 25 and 6 seed worthy.

of course it might not shake out that way and we could beat an auburn then best vandy and get blown out by kentucky and still be an 8 seed. but the excitement is watching and cheering for all the right outcomes boosting our rpi.

Per Palm Reader, our RPI will improve with wins today by Sam Houston, LSU, Mizzou and Texas.

Then it probably won’t improve


miss st and auburn winning wouldn’t kill our rpi. I like Sam Houston and Texas chances to make a little conf tourney run… houston, sfa and uta also. would be nice to see our texas teams season sweep pay more rpi dividends.

Well Auburn and Misery play each other! Someone has to win. The other there no way of projecting but for sure that’s one !

He said Miss St and AUB, my response was to Missery and LSWhooo. So, not sure who you directed that at, but yes AUB or Missery will win.

so 3 out of 4… improved our rpi a couple places.

would’ve been good to have okst win today. Georgia staying alive might reflect well on us. I still think our strength of schedule and rpi will improve more by selection Sunday and we have a decent chance to get a 7 seed. stay tuned.