Bracket Matrix: Hogs move up to 8 seed

99 brackets included today, up from 92 yesterday, and some of those 92 updated since then. We went from the #33 team (9 seed) to the #31 team (8 seed), passing Misery and one other team after the win over Florida. The average of those 99 brackets for us is 8.48, up from 9.05 yesterday. Our range remains 6 (on 6 brackets) to 11 (2 brackets).

Bama remains a 1, listed as such on all 99 brackets.
Tennessee is the top 3
Arkansas and Misery are the next SEC teams at 8
Auburn, A&M and Kentucky are all 9s. Which means if the committee went with that, somebody would have to play another SEC school in the first round, which can’t happen.
Moo U is listed as an 11 and would go to Dayton for the First Four.

That would be eight SEC teams in the Dance, which I believe would tie the record. No other SEC teams mentioned on any bracket.

Biggest seeding question to me is can we manage to climb up to 7 and off the 8-9 line.
If we go 2-2 over last 4, suspect we end up in the 8-9 game.

If we win tonight, I suspect we sneak in even with an 0-3 finish although might end up the first four.

if we can somehow go 3-1 or better, suspect we can get up to 7 (or even 6 if we go 4-0).

Generally seems like runs in SECT don’t make a big impact on seeding.

I would agree.

Remember that our last three are @ Bama, @ Tennessee and Kentucky. It’s entirely possible that all three of those would end up as Quad 1, which would give our resume a real boost if we won them all. Right now we’re 3-6 in Q1; 6-6 would look a lot better, especially with those road wins. Run the table and I wouldn’t rule out a 5.

The three Q1 wins so far, BTW, are A&M at home, San Diego State in Maui and at Kentucky.

warrennolan summary, looks lke the lsu loss is gonna hurt bad

On the other hand, TCU has a Q4 loss (lost to NW State at home) and they’re a 6 seed on the Matrix. A&M has TWO Q4 losses.

LSU is bad but it’s still Q3.

Vandy has some crazy losses and will probably not advance to tourney consideration unless they reach the SECT finals,

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