Bracket Matrix as of Tuesday night

We are just BARELY the last 8 seed, with an average seed of 8.51. Florida Atlantic is the top 9 seed at 8.52. Presumably FAU would get an at-large if they lose in the CUSA tournament, so that could steal a spot that might go to Moo U, which is still listed as an 11 in the play-in range.

Our seeding range on the 121 brackets is 7 to 11, but not many of either. I count five 7s and two 11s.

FWIW, the most accurate Matrix bracketologist over the last three years has us as an 8 going to Sacramento to play West Virginia, with UCLA waiting in the second round.

Auburn is a 9, which suggests we’re both solidly in the field regardless of tomorrow’s result. Wish we could get out of that 8-9 game, but it seems that cake is already out of the oven. Maybe wins over the Bagmen and the Gaggies could influence a few committee members, but I doubt it.

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