Brachen Hazen

The team didn’t show a lot during the open hour today - mostly layup drills, three-man weave, 3-on-2, 2-on-1, etc.

I think the biggest takeaway for me was the athleticism that Brachen Hazen showed. He can really jump. He had a couple of dunks that turned some heads. Below is one. The one I remember best was on the other end of the floor during a layup drill. He took off from between the second and third block and easily reached the rim.


Where is Gashog? woo pig

You can’t count DPG in practice. :smiley:

Good stuff. That was the latest thing I had expected from Brachen. I think he, Glasper and CJ are sleepers of the class.

Once Brachen puts on 20lbs he’s gonna be a great 4 for us.

Dunk reports. You are welcome.

Well done Matt, love it.

I think this team will blow past DPG individual and team records out of the water in the years to come. Starting this season. This team and teams the next few years coming up, demand dunks be reflected in the box scores.

Any relation to the legendary “Gashog”?

No, I work in nat gas. Sorry for any confusion.

Never materialized. How do we keep this from happening in the future?

Stop recruiting. If you never sign anyone, then none of them will be busts. Until then, some people won’t pan out. Calipari and K don’t bat 100% on their one and done strategy either, they just have more room for error.

Your dead on Swine, the depth at Duke and Kentucky allow them to have a miss and stay competitive, we have a miss and our season can become unhinged. WPS

Players now come in and want to play now! If they are good enough they will play. If they don’t get exactly what they want they go to greener pastures. There’s nothing you can do about it but just keep recruiting. … 501819002/

His stats are pretty good, when he’s been available.