Brachen Hazen transferring (updated w/Mike quotes on Brachen, his scholarship)

That question is going crazy right now on the different boards.

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Solid list of available grad transfers.

I expect Dustin Thomas to be that scoring forward next year. Evidence of that is his play in Seton Hall game. This guy can hit jumpers and next year you will see his true range. I have seen him sink three pointers in a row in warmups. I am convinced this guy can shoot the rock.

He probably has the most scoring upside of the bigs on the roster, but you have more faith than I do haha. I was sold on him stretching the floor last year. Watched him make a ton of jumpers over the course of 5 days of practice.

But his form reverted back to what he talked about it being at Colorado: off-balance, fading away, over-exaggerated leg kick. He made 10-32 jumpers last year and never really looked comfortable shooting it. The open NCAA Tournament practice, he was making a ton of jumpers again and obviously had the Seton Hall game the next day, but I’m taking a wait-and-see approach on whether that becomes consistent. The old fool me once, shame on you/fool me twice, shame on me deal.

Agree. That’s where I am. He’s had a long time to figure it out mentally. Has been inconsistent each year. I expect a little uptick. Not expecting a big one due to the aforementioned reason.

It was reported by a reputable source out of Memphis that he was las week. He still needs get by school this summer though.

Are we talking about Rodgerick Brown?

I am, I assumed Daytona was too.


I’d be ecstatic with either Cameron Johnson, a stretch four, or Geno Thorpe, a pass-first PG. Either would fill a unique role that seems to be currently vacant on this roster.

I’ve got nothing against white guys who play basketball, but I only want white guys who can flat out play. Same with black golfers. I don’t want anybody filling a roster just so we can check the diversity box.

I really like the little I’ve seen from Cameron. I’d think he comes in and makes a sizable impact immediately.

Timing is tough. Guys like him have been recruited for weeks now.

Are you serious or is this just an attempt to be funny?

If serious this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard on here in a while.

I won’t speak for PJHawg, but I think one is burying their head in the sand if they don’t think there are some supposed fans that will see the lack of a white player and not harbor some resentment. We aren’t all that far removed from unsavory comments being hurled at Nolan Richardson. Sad, but it is the world we live in.

It’s very rare that I agree with you, but I do here. We do live in a world where race is still a factor, as the last three presidential elections have shown to varying degrees. And the racial makeup of the team is pretty obvious. Right now the only white kid on our roster is the walk-on Holmes, and that assumes he’ll be back on the team this fall. I’m not advocating that MA go find a token white guy, however. Find someone who fits a need, pigmentation aside.

I don’t care…give me the best players and the best fit. Black, white, purple, or red.

If there are people that care about that, then they can go cheer for another team.

we don’t need more production from Freshmen. We need players to stay 3-4 years.

I am dead serious. And it does sound dumb, doesn’t it? You just have to listen to talk radio to understand. The way these callers disguise their feelings is by concluding that white players don’t want to play Mike Anderson.

Granted, I have not heard anything on the radio yet after the Brachen decision, but I fully expect someone to mouth off next season once they see the team on the court.

And there are people who will be upset if the hue of our roster turns a whiter shade of pale. Why do we care what these cretins think? Why do we throw them out there when no one has actually said anything? Why do we keep which race is more racist scorecards? Will anything good come out of that? Not likely.