Brachen Hazen transferring (updated w/Mike quotes on Brachen, his scholarship)

Brachen Hazen has asked for his release and will be transferring from Arkansas per head coach Mike Anderson.

Just announced at Coach Anderson’s golf tournament

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That was unexpected. Don’t think we’ve ever had a guy request to transfer this late have we?

On a good note this will open up another scholarship offer For a more productive player.

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Updated with quotes from Mike about why he’s disappointed and what the plan is for his spot.

Sounds like they don’t plan to fill it for next year just to fill it. Would have to be an impact guy, which is smart.

I wouldn’t say Hazen wasn’t productive, he was just behind a lot of older guys. I thought if he stuck around he could be the type that made a huge impact on this team his junior and senior year.

As far as the other scholarship, I wonder if we go after Gabe Obasahan at Southwest Christian now. 6’8 combo F probably fills the same type of role Hazen would have had, plus he’d be a guy that knows he’s going to have to wait his turn and develop for a couple of years.

I wasn’t saying that he wouldn’t be productive I was just saying that we could have somebody that would be more productive, but yes I agree on Gabe, and there are a couple others out there that may think twice on this.

So is the staff still considering any 2017 players or do we just put the scholarship in our pocket for upcoming classes?

This was a little surprising given the timing, but he was the one I wondered about most. Lot of guys in front of him for PT. But you can see why the staff is disappointed. His skill set is really valuable. Arkansas’ downturn in 3-point attempts the last 2 years is directly linked to not having a big/bigs who could stretch the floor.

Read the link above at the start of this post.

We need a scoring big.

Yup. There is no one on the roster who really fills that role. Just because of his frame and athleticism, Gafford can be a good rim-running big who also scores off offensive boards and dump-offs, but he isn’t going to generate any offense on his own.

In talking to the staff, that’s what they valued about Brachen. He had the potential to be a scoring threat with his shooting ability and skill set, which would be big if he could improve physically and in the other aspects of his game. But he did have a ways to go defensively and physically.

Obviously Reggie Perry is a scoring big.

Wish he had done this a few weeks ago. Might have been able to hold onto Glasper if he had.

What was the date Rotnei ask for a transfer release? I know it was late

One off court issue with this is no more white guys on the team. Won’t sit well with some Arkansas fans.

Rotnei finally transferred in early August. I was in school then and know for a fact the staff spent a long time leading up to that point trying to convince him to stay on a daily basis.

I would take a six foot nine one eyed purple people eater if could defend a little and knock down threes.

There still one left.

Strange timing. He went to the awards banquet and from all appearances seemed content (well as much as one can tell from social media).

I can see why he would leave, but I was hoping he would commit to the weight room and fight for a spot next year.

nice young man who chose to come to Arkansas and gave it a chance.

It didn’t work out for him and he came to that conclusion late.

But I don’t think he owed Arkansas nothing in regards to making the decision and obviously Macon and Barford returning took the availability of playing time down as a whole

Is the Double/Double machine in Memphis going to reclassify to 2017???