BPI has Vandy as 1.9 point favorite

With 57% chance of winning. Probably about right. Playing well, close to home. Will be interesting to see who Big Blue Nation in the arena supports, assuming they take care of Bama first. They probably don’t want any more of Vandy either.

So very similar. I understand that given the roll they are on. Also they probably should have beaten us twice. It will be their third game in 3 days including one in OT, but we had the late game. I think it will be close.

True. I don’t know what kind of depth Vandy has, but I’d think fatigue, if it’s a factor at all, would tend to hurt their 3 point shooting. I just don’t know if fatigue will be a factor. Playing in their hometown, having a couple hours more rest than we have…as was pointed out earlier, it’s probably a wash despite it being their 3rd game & our 2nd even if they did require OT to win.

Vandy is playing very well right now. I’d like to win, but I doubt a loss affects our seeding. If anything it might help–might move us to a 10 seed. I’d rather be there than an 8-9.

Myself I think you can chunk all stats out the window this time of year, the unpredictable becomes common place, Kansas can support my theory as well as many other teams. Both teams are playing very well right now, ever who brings their A game plays tomorrow !! WPS

Vandy really impressed me last night. They play with a lot of intensity and seem to be in the right spot for rebounds and loose balls. I was surprised how they kept jacking up threes with the lead, but it worked.

You would think they would have some tired legs, but these kids go hard nearly every day in practices. I wouldn’t count on Vandy wearing down for an easy win. But, I hope they do.

Go Hogs!!! Win this thing!