BPI gives us a 53% chance of beating Seton Hall

And a 6% chance of reaching the Sweet 16. Chances of winning the NC? Zero. Only 28 of the 68 teams are given any chance at the NC at all; the last three are Creighton, Okie State and Minny, all at 0.1%.

UNC’s chances of reaching the Sweet 16 are put at 88.8%, with a 15.3% chance of the NC. That’s second behind only Gonzaga at 16.2%

You can always show up play ball and control your emotions and beat anybody if you make shots. Focus ! Mosses will not get by with any thing! He will have 2 fouls the first 2 minutes of the game.
We beat North Carolina at Pine Bluff years ago with the odds against us!

Meanwhile, Five Thirty Eight gives us only a 51% chance to beat Seton Hall, but a 10% chance to reach the Sweet 16. Less than 1% chance to win the whole enchilada, but <1 is still more than zero.

On the ESPN Bracket Challenge, it had an option to let the site fill in the bracket by BPI and it had the Hogs beating Seton Hall, and the of course losing to UNC. It had Kansas winning the NC.

I have the Hogs winning it. They beat UNC and get a rematch with Kentucky. How great would that be?

And, no. I am not a betting man. :smiley:

My prediction is we beat Seton Hall and lose to NC. We accomplished a good bit this year. Not bad for an up and coming team. Looking forward to next year and beyond, when we can compete with KY at equal level.

Alas, no Joe Kleines or Alvin Robertsons on our current team.