BPI favors UK by 11

Cats with 82% chance of winning.

Better than it has been; they favored Florida by 18 a couple weeks back.

I don’t know what to think about this matchup. Three games in three days is uncharted territory for this team. Maybe we run out of gas, maybe not. If we play D like we did yesterday, and stop Fox’s penetration with the zone, we could win. Remember we had a great half in Rupp, led by Barford, before the wheels fell off.

Speaking of Barford, I spent much of yesterday driving through Tennessee. Including Barford’s hometown, Jackson, which is a decent sized town. In the 10 minutes or so it took me to go through Jackson, Barford scored either 7 or 9 points. Got the game radio on Sirius, not Chuck or the Vandy guy but SEC Radio Network. The announcers were OK but crowd noise often almost drowned out the PBP guy, but not the analyst, who was former Wake Forest coach Dave Odom.

It’s been a pretty good season. Could still get better. A lot better. I’m always preaching patience on here, seemingly to deaf ears much of the time. Two bad games don’t ruin a 30+ game season unless you let them, and Mike didn’t. I’d like to win today, but UK will be a 1 or 2 seed for a reason. Winning two next weekend​ would be much better.

FWIW, Sagarin favors the cats by 8 or 9, depending on which of his rankings you prefer to use.

That sounds about right, in terms of betting lines. That doesn’t mean that’s how it will turn out.

i love the way we are playing but they are on a different level athletically just too much size around the basket and guards to quick off the dribble…I hope I am wrong but I think they win by 20

I saw a Vegas line of Cats by 8 as well.

Swine your spot on about this season! We are lucky with all the new players to be in this position for a NCAA appearance. Mike Anderson has done a great job! A couple of wins in the Dance would be wonderful