BP got the start tonight for the Bucks

With Giannis out after hyperextending his knee. Bobby played 18 minutes in the first half, got 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, and Milwaukee leads Atlanta 65-56. Bucks have four starters in double figures at halftime, led by Brook Lopez with 16.

He’s playing great. Fans absolutely love him.

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He killed it. Finished with a playoff career-high 22 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. He began the game 8 of 11 shooting and finished 9 of 20. But he was awesome, and Milwaukee loves the guy.

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I think he’s found a good home. Very happy for Bobby. He’s all Hog, and he always has been. I just wish Pat Bev was as good an ambassador as Bobby is. Hopefully, Moses will end up being a star…

I love Patrick and he is a great ambassador for Arkansas ,basketball always needs the Rick Mahorn,Bill Laimbeer types.His teammates love him,he’s tough and gritty you need those types on every team football, basketball and baseball included.

Corey Beck was the same type player ,guys hated playing against him

I hope Budenholzer remembers this and what Bobby did in the regular season, once Giannis comes back. Let’s keep in mind Bobby got most of Giannis minutes last night.

Bobby was one of the candidates for Sixth Man of The Year award.

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But Corey was never a dirty player. There is a big difference.

Corey was not dirty. Big difference compared to Patrick. Patrick will play a few more years, but very few in the league respect him.

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