Boyd's ISR

we are #1 as expected, Neb is 49 and Fairfield SOS was 200 plus, our SOS was teens.

Looks like they claim Clemson #1 SOS. Other high SOS are Pac-12 teams. SEC teams are surprisingly low.

Interesting since D1 Baseball showed our RPI #1 and SOS #1.

With our schedule there is absolutely no way our SOS is #14

ACC teams played very little nonconference, Clemson went 8-6 and played Cincinnati x 3, the Poultry x 2, East Tenn, SC Upstate, Georgia State, Georgia x 2 and Hogmaestro’s employer, C of C. But Warren Nolan had their SOS at #19. Decent SOS to be sure, but not up to playing, say, Tennessee X 4, Ole Miss x 4, Georgia x 4, Moo U x 3, Florida x 3, and Vandy. Plus, LaTech x 3, Texass, TTech and TCU.

Boyd is a Moo U grad, by the way, but he doesn’t seem to cook his numbers. Still that’s a pretty good SOS discrepancy, even taking into account our games with UAPB, Memphis, UCA, ASWho and UALR (are you detecting a theme here?). Best RPI of that bunch was UALR at 172. Clemson’s worst RPI game was Ga State at 166. I guess the SoCar midmajors are better than the Arkansas midmajors, and they didn’t even play Coastal. SC Upstate is top 50 RPI.

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No team outside the SEC can have the number one SOS…

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