He said all is well on Twitter. Everything I hear he’s expected to play Sat.

That is great news. He is a talented kid. He has the moves and the speed, so explosive. He is fun to watch.

Rakeem is only a Sophmore. We will have (at least) the remainder of this year and all of next year with him at RB. And possibly two more years if he does not go to the NFL early.

That is great news on his return!

All gamers say they are OK. Somebody like Boyd especially because he is a stud. I say if he is still the least bit nicked up & not a 100% let him rest & heal against Tulsa.

He is a 3rd year soph and is eligible to go pro after this season.

Not gonna happen…if he has a great season next year we can talk about it.

Morris said today that Boyd should be back for the Tulsa game.

Hope Ty joins him.

Hearing everything went well with Whaley’s surgery. From what I gather, it’s usually a three week recovery process.