Boyd lists odds to win CWS

I never noticed this before, but Boyd - who, like Warren Nolan, has a website that estimates RPI and also some other proprietary information - actually lists his favorites for the NCAA Tournament based on his ISR (Iterative Stength Ratings).

Here is what he had before the Regionals:

Then, just prior to the Supers this past weekend:

And finally, what he currently shows with the field down to 8:

While it’s no shock that Vandy is his favorite, I am just a little bit surprised that he has Texas Tech slightly ahead of us as the second most likely team to emerge with the crown in Omaha - especially since we are ranked just ahead of the Red Raiders in his current ISR rankings. He gives FSU, Michigan and Auburn virtually no chance to win.

It should also be noted that at this time a year ago, he gave us the 4th best chance of winning it all - so, in that regard, we’re way ahead this year.

The only reason I can see him favoring TT as much as he does is that he believes our side of the bracket is much weaker & that he thinks they’re better than we are.

I noticed, however, that Caesar’s oddsmakers have both Vandy & us as 3-1 shots to win it all. MSU is a close third at 7-2.

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The hogs took Care of Texas Tech last year. The only game I’m worried about right now is Florida vs our Hogs! Take it one game at a time! Who cares what others think or predict.

Good advice for the team. However, as a fan, I think it’s interesting information. I guess Wiz thought so, too, or he wouldn’t have posted. You’re certainly free to ignore it.

But “who he likes” does not factor into it. This is one of those data driven sites where the numbers and rankings drive the predictions. His subjective opinion is not part of that.

That’s why i noted that we are ranked ahead of Tech - albeit, only slightly - in the rankings that these odds were based on. The ONLY viable explanation has to be that he thinks the odds of us losing to Florida State exceed the odds of Tech losing to Michigan by enough to offset that if we do get to that game (playing Tech), we wold be slight favorites.