Boyd has opt out?

Straight up… quitter. I hate to think the jersey #5 that Dmac used so proudly is now associated with a quitter. Ahh well… I guess he thinks “me” is more important than “team”. I know it has not been a great team around him, but he would have gotten nothing without them and now he abandons them for self interests. I will not think on him again. Adios… don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


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Wish that colleges could yank scholarships & require players who quit early pay back the money (academic, training, etc) that the universities invest in them.

Time to look forward. Now that we are down to 3 scholarship running backs, is there any good news at this position on the recruiting front? With improved offensive line play, which WILL occur with each coming season, I think there are lots of running backs that can be highly effective, but other than Smith I’m not sure we have anyone on board now with those capabilities.

Speed is on the way in the running back recruiting. Yes, good news.

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