Boyd has opt out?

Looks like Boyd’s gone rest of year, Good Luck to him

Know this is a crazy year, and I do not know the back story and relevant issues or concerns, but this is very disappointing. For all practical purposes, this season was really a non-season for him. Anyway good luck to him.

i had the opportunity to visit with Rakeem a couple of years ago. He’s an extremely polite and engaging young man. All the best to him going forward.

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Should be said that this has not been confirmed by any other outlets yet.

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We have checked with an Arkansas spokesperson who was unable to confirm it. That isn’t to say the tweet is incorrect. It just hasn’t been confirmed by the team.

Why did he quit? Trying to run behind that offensive line of ours is a challenge for anybody, even a good back like Boyd. He never seemed to have desire that Treylon Smith does. That little guy has a motor second to none.

If Boyd is going to make it in the NFL, he is going to need to work on his receiving. He is an explosive back, but not a durable one. I wish he had stayed for the Missouri game.

I’m not sure moving on during the middle of the Covid 19 Pandemic is quitting. Everything’s strange this year. I wish him good luck.

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I realize this will not be a popular opinion, but it is my opinion.

IF TRUE… even though I’m a big fan of Boyd, I’ll say the exact same thing I said about the LSU WR Marshall.

Just another quitter taking a dump on his teammates in difficult times. So much for having their backs. I guess he is more of an “I” guy than a “we” guy when it comes to being there for the team, coaches, and school. When the going gets tough, you discover who are quitters and who are not. I’d be willing to bet things of this nature will factor into NFL evaluations. They want players… not quitters.

Opting out at the beginning of a season is one thing… opting out with only 2 games left… well… thats just giving up and quitting. PERIOD.

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If this guy has jumped the gun that fast and its not true, he’s going have to need to give RB an nice apology

I wonder if Hogstetrician and Clay will say “he quit on the team, no other way to put it”, like they did about the receiver from LSU?

I really think this reveals a lack of appreciation for how difficult this season has been for these guys. And we don’t know the details. Nothing involving Covid 19 ought to be binary. Good teammate v. Quitter should not be the measure. Many shades of gray here.

This news might not be true! So lets hold off and wait until we throw him to the fire

Still nothing on social media or from UA, other than Josh Bertaccini starting the rumor on Twitter. And of course Hogville is fanning the flames, saying he cleaned out his locker Sunday evening. But if so, why would Sam talk about him playing and improving his numbers in yesterday’s virtual newser?

I’m gonna wait for some kind of confirmation.

Need something more official. But if it turns out to be true I think frustration on Boyd’s part could be a factor. He had big plans to have a stellar season this year and improve his stock. We know he put in the work I the off-season but had some early nagging injuries and just hasn’t got into a groove until now. Smith has filled in admirably.

Could be these guys are getting advised by outside sources (privately) that 2 more games, 3 with a bowl game aren’t going to elevate their stock enough vs the risk of injury that could lower it even more.

Yes. I would say the same thing.

If Bertaccini and Hogville are the only sources reporting it, then I would assume he hasn’t opted out and is still on the roster.

I’m sure Bertaccini heard a player say that Boyd was thinking about it or leaning towards it and ran with it. He doesn’t care if he’s wrong and there will be no ramifications for him if he is.

Not disagreeing or agreeing, but thought you should be consistent :slight_smile:

We got our confirmation. Boyd put it out on Twitter. He’s opted out.