Boy, old song/new song

Ken Hatfield led a song tonight I haven’t heard since SWC days, and it is so appropriate for the Texas game. Wouldn’t it be something for our sellout crowd to sing the following loudly:

“I don’t give a damn about the whole state of Texas, I’m from Arkansas. I’m from Arkansas I’m from Arkansas. I don’t give a damn about the whole state of Texas, I’m from Arkansas “

Or something like that.

Who remembers?


I do. Very well.

I wonder how all the players in a Razorback uniform but grew up and played football in Texas feel about it? Most are very proud of the quality and competitiveness of the play they enjoyed in well known powerful high school programs.

They loved it as players. Loyd Phillips sang it with vigor.

Whole Hog, half ham, Arkansas by damn!


The Texas Hogs uses to sing it loud and proud after each SWC win. As mentioned, Longview’s Phillips was the leader

The ones I knew in the sixties loved it. I guess if you choose to play for the Hogs over Texas, you have cast your net and your mind is set. Whole Hog by Damn!

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