Bowls: Don't play CFP games on campus

And in other news, water is wet and the sun is hot.

They haven’t figured out yet they’re already irrelevant. The participating schools, the people who will watch anything remotely resembling football (especially if they can bet on it) and the host communities are the only ones who care. I can still remember when there were 10 bowl games (that would be 1968) and CFB seemed to get along just fine with that.

Being a bowl director probably pays pretty well. That group kind of resembles a horse and buggy dealership convention the year after the Model T came out.

USA Today reported in 2017 that bowl directors were often pulling in seven figures. I’m sure that hasn’t gone down in the last four years.

I can’t decide the best way to deal with the bowls. Part of me would like to end the CFP & then return to a few bowls. Then after the bowls are played have a “plus one” made up of the consensus two best teams to meet in a championship game. Another part of me says let everybody play in a bowl game. All 128 teams in 64 games. It’d just be a 13th game for everyone. The only difference is that no one would know their opponent until the end of the year.

Regardless, I don’t like having all the bowls we have now. Either ditch about 20 of them to make the remainder mean something or let everyone play where they mean nothing.

I hate the idea of an expanded playoff, but that’s probably in the cards whether I like it or not. The primary reason for changing it from 4 to 12 was to give other teams a chance to get in. That’s probably going to happen this year. Clemson is already out. Alabama is out if they lose again. OU & Cincy look like possibilities. So does a Big 10 team.

The old idea of bowls creating big paydays for schools & tourist meccas for fans is almost gone. The major bowls still draw crowds, but the lesser bowls are only popular on TV. The constant name-changes don’t help.

I miss the old NY day games. Back then that was the only day football started at 11:00 am and ended at 11:00 pm. Now that’s every Saturday in the fall.


You mean you don’t like the Last Responder Golden Not Matt Corral Bad Flatulence Greasy Cheetos Got No Cure Bowl in beautiful East Hoboken, NJ?



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Most of the bowls are actually owned by ESPN and are needed for original programming. Even a game between 2 6-6 teams draws well for them regardless of where and when it is played.

As long as there is money to be made bowl games will be played

I can remember when the average NFL player earned about 5K a year.
I read yesterday a high school kid was offered 100K for that new thing.

I doubt if that thing works very well.

I’m in the camp of way too many bowls. Twenty or so seemed about right to me. That was plenty to fill up several days during the Holidays and reward the top teams in each conference. The final four bowls could all be played on New Year’s made up of the 8 team playoff contenders. After that you have the semi’s the next weekend and the championship in mid-January.

Yep. And given the fact that ESPN needs them, they’ll probably continue even through their irrelevance. Of course ESPN would be picking up more playoff games too, although I hear they want multiple platforms carrying the CFP as the NFL has now.

Once we get expanded playoffs, the economics may kick in to weed out some bowls. I’m not sure that the ad revenue is going to be there for some of these minor bowls to keep increasing payouts, and while ESPN needs the programming, there’s a ceiling on how much it can subsidize those bowls and still make enough money to justify the enormous dough they have to fork over for playoffs and conference games.

The Non-Power Five teams can’t take financial hits on bowl appearances over multiple years without getting the money back somewhere else. Their floor on being able to play in some bowl games may start getting too close to the revenue ceiling.

I think we will still have too many bowl games in five years, but I think the total number of bowl games in 2026 will be less than in 2021.

I don’t care if we have a hundred bowls. What I don’t want to see is trying to turn the CFP into the football version of March Madness. I’m good with the current format. I certainly would not want to see it expanded beyond 8 teams.

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What people forget when they talk about how great March Madness is is that regular season basketball games don’t mean much. Regular season games are mostly just to jockey into position for the tournament. By itself, any regular season game is almost meaningless. I’m afraid that’s what will become of college football with a large playoff system.

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Going a little overboard there, Chip? March Madness is 68 teams out of 358 in D-I. The trusty calculator on my laptop says that’s 19% of all teams. And 32 of those get in because they won their conference, so at large is 36 teams, or 10% of D-I.

Even with a 12-team CFP, that’s less than 10 percent of FBS, which is 130 teams.

Putting 9% of teams in the CFP hardly makes the regular season meaningless. You still have to go 10-2 to have a shot, basically.

You want to know what really devalues the CBB regular season? Conference tournaments. Everybody grabs the money and the exposure, but bid thieves get hot for three or four days and someone else who played well for four months and had one bad night in March gets left out.

Two things will keep the regular season a lot more relevant in football. First, the number of playoff berths is still going to be relatively small. No one is advocating for a system like the NFL, where 14 out 32 teams make the post-season tournament. Even if we end up with only 64 teams playing elite level college football, a 28 team playoff is not going to happen. It still going to be relatively harder to make the college football playoffs than March Madness.

Second, There will always be a lot fewer games played in football than basketball, so there’s less room for error, especially in conference games. An SEC basketball team that wins 2 out of 3 conference games (12-6) is going to be dancing. An SEC team that wins 75% of its conference games (6-2) will be sweating it out in a 12 team playoff format (which is likely to have some automatic qualifiers). If the SEC went to a nine game conference schedule, an SEC team that won 2 out of 3 conference games(6-3) would probably not get in a 12 team playoff.

I don’t think I’m going overboard at all. It’s a matter of degree. Even with 4 teams the media attention is already directed so much at who is in contention for the playoff. There’s already an attitude that bowl games outside the two CFP games are merely “exhibition games” that only draw the interest of the fans of the teams playing.

Besides, who really thinks the CFP will stop at 8 or 12? It will go to 16 soon enough. Maybe 32 at some point before long. That’s where the money is.

Adding that bowl game to the bucket list. :wink:

You don’t like the playoff. At all. I do. 1997 was ridiculous. 1991 even more so. Settle the thing on the field, not by some hungover writer’s vote on January 2.

And, if you’ll remember, in the bad old days they completely focused on the top four in the polls by mid-October too. The Big Shootout was the Big Shootout because of where we were ranked.

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