Bowls BEFORE the regular season? ESPN story quotes Hunter Y

I personally like the suggestions in the article, it would help to somewhat rein—in the Wild West that is about to forever ruin amateur sports

I don’t see anything there that reins-in anything. It just addresses some existing problems and others that will be created by an expanded playoff.

I agree with Hunter that the bowl system now works because people are used to having some time during the holidays to travel, and bowls in August affect that (and you may be fighting for hotel space at some destinations with existing summer vacationers). But that’s more fixable. And, to be honest, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the bowls went away. I think I watched a total of 3 bowls on TV before NYD. Enjoyed the trip to Tampa to be sure, but it’s not mandatory for me to watch or attend bowls.

Personally, I probably watch all or some of about 10-15 Bowl games a season (as a guestimate). Probably on the higher end of that range in seasons when the Razorbacks are in a Bowl game, and less when they stink (i.e. much of the decade before Sam got here).

Just before Covid hit, the aggregate average number of people watching any of the Bowl games was over 5 million viewers, about 3 times what the average regular season gets. And almost 30% of the nation watched at least one Bowl game. Those figures catch advertiser’s eyes.

Used to catch my eyes too. I’d watch 20+ bowls. In the days when there were only 10-12, I’d watch all of them. Now I’m like, meh.

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August is a hot month (September is bad enough) to be playing football outside. It would also mean a July start for practice. The regular season would run from early July to early December (to mid-January for post-season teams). Looks long to me. There would have to be some real money involved for this to come about. College baseball is a two-semester sport, but that is historical and is a minor sport to most fans around the country.

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