Bowling Green State has dropped baseball

Per tweet by Kendall Rogers. I think there are a lot of programs in a lot of sports that aren’t going to survive this (BGSU is a MAC school, if you weren’t aware).

More to come on this front. It’s still early on budget decisions so expect many more cuts. The Bowling Green AD played baseball at BGSU and also on D1 Baseball Committee. Tough and serious decisions being made

I wrote in another thread that the school I work at (Div-II) dropped five sports and the cheer squad. Athletics will take a beating at schools where the school itself has to finance participation. If kids are not on campus in the fall, University’s and Colleges will be making sweeping changes.

Furman just dropped baseball.

I hate seeing all these schools drop baseball, especially now that college baseball has become so popular. However, I know it’s a non-revenue sport at most schools & since Title IX makes it a problem to drop any woman’s sport, I can see why baseball is an easy one to cut.

I think we have a distorted view of college baseball because we see what happens at Baum and the Box and Starkville. But most schools don’t have that. In 2018 an average home crowd of about 1500 made the national top 50 in attendance (and remember that includes tickets sold but not used). Furman wasn’t in the top 50. Neither was BGSU. And 11.7 scholarships is actually high on the list of most available, even though a lot of schools don’t use their full 11.7 according to Kendall Rogers.

Oh, I know teams in the MAC, GAC, etc are nowhere close to SEC or even Big whatever levels, but I still hate to see baseball ditched. I understand the rationale.

Even the PAC-11 (Colorado doesn’t have baseball) has small crowds and I’m sure that baseball is expensive for those schools. I remember hearing that Oregon State had an impressive crowd for a Super Regional … of about 4,000 spectators. Heck, Arkansas had 4,000 at Baum to watch a CWS game on the video screen.

My Arizona State friend and I have discussed this. He is impressed with the coverage of Arkansas baseball, but he attributes the popularity to NWA having nothing much else to do in the area. There is a certain amount of truth to that. I know that 'zona state gets next to no coverage in Tempe/Phoenix. Think about the schools with the best attendance: LSU, Arkansas, Moo U and the Rebnecks. After that it drops off. There are many other schools with good attendance, but not at the level of those 4. And those 4 are in areas without many other choices during baseball season.

There’s no doubt the competition for the entertainment dollar is greater in major metropolitan areas than there is in college towns like Fayetteville & Oxford. However, a whole lot of it is cultural. The Razorbacks are the state’s team & for generations their athletic teams have been a major part of the state’s psyche. I, for one, try to come to home games & I live in Little Rock. If it were only about entertainment dollars, I could find plenty to do here rather than drive 200 miles. The Travelers don’t draw a fraction of what the Razorbacks do. (Dickey-Stephens biggest crowds of the season are when the Hogs play Nobody State Teachers.)

Cultural love is largely true for LSU, too. Baton Rouge isn’t a sleepy college town. Not as big as Phoenix, but NOLA is only a little over an hour away. The Pelicans & Saints compete for sports entertainment dollars in LA.

I just don’t think people on the west coast care as much about their schools as people in the southeast do. I’m sure it’s in part because there are so many schools & none really represents the whole state, but there’s just more passion in the south about college athletics. In the SEC it’s multiplied by a factor of about 10.

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Having lived in San Diego for 9 years and then traveling there on a regular basis over the last 25 years I can tell you that is true. There are of course a number of die hard fans for sure but nothing like what you see in the south. They always told me that there is just to many other things to do than go to the games. There’s a reason the Chargers moved to LA. The Padre’s almost never sell out and many times the opponents teams have more fans in the stands than than the home team.

That being said I see fan support faltering even here. People are not as much into going to the games like they used to be. That being said some of that is of course due to the bad products on display. I do think the younger generation had much rather either see it on TV or get a nice recap of the game online later.

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