Bowl requirements likely to be waived

So teams can go to a bowl with a losing record for 2020 only.

The decision of the Big Ten and Pac-10 to start their seasons late reduces the need for giving bowl bids to losing teams, but it doesn’t eliminate it. There are still 70-odd bowl bids out there and only 102 FBS teams playing fall seasons to fill them. And the contracted spots for the MAC (six bowls) and Mountain West (eight bowls) will be wide open.

Participation trophy? Yeah, sorta, but that’s what the vast majority of bowls have been for a long time. Unless you’re a conference champion or in the New Year’s Six, it’s a participation trophy.

I been telling you, one win and we get a New Year’s Day Bowl–against a patsy (compared to our SEC schedule).

New Year’s Day? Probably not. But there are some nice places that the Mountain West won’t fill: Los Angeles in the new NFL stadium, Phoenix, Honolulu, Tucson. And Frisco, Texas; we can pretend it’s the Cotton Bowl. Of course there’s also Boise and Albuquerque.

Tucson and Boise are also MAC bowls. So are the Bahamas, Detroit, and two out of a group of 7 including Frisco, Boca Raton, Albuquerque, Mobile and Myrtle Beach.

Los Angeles would be against a Pac-12 team, by the way.

I’m fine with this, for this year. Give the kids something to play for. They didn’t just participate; they made a difficult choice to play during a very tumultuous year in the country. Let them get their swag bags =)

SEC would screws us again and send us to Detroit.

Mountain West decided to play last night, MAC is considering it today. There may not be vacant bids after all.

But remember: The virus is still undefeated. Houston is 0-4 on season openers. Notre Dame postponed a game. We aren’t through with this by a long shot.

I think you’ll see some travel distance factored in…

I could see us playing in the Indy or Liberty bowls if we get 3 or 4…

I think we beat Ole Miss, MSU and Mizzou…

I think we have a shot against A&M and UT

A few weeks ago, I didn’t think there was any way we would play a 10 game season. I still have my doubts, but I hope these kids stay healthy and we do somehow play most, if not all, of our games. If we can win a game or two and play 6-7 games, that would be a successful season, in my view.

Need the practices. Replaces lost spring practice, much needed for these new coaches at Arkansas.

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