Bowl projections after Larry comes off the shelf

247 has us in Nashville against the Fightin’ Bielemas.

Saturday Down South also has us in Nashville in a rematch with Penn State. Rest assured Sean Clifford will know where Bumper Pool is at all times.

Jerry Palm has us in the Gator against Notre Dame. Hey we were supposed to play them two years ago.

By the way, if there aren’t enough 6-6 teams to fill all the bowls, Rice has the best APR of the 5-win teams and would be the first one picked to fill a spot. Misery is third on the list.

CBS has us in Nashville against Iowa

I’m thinking Memphis, Nashville or Houston are the most likely destinations. Those are all in the SEC’s group of six, along with Las Vegas, Tampa and Jacksonville this year.

Recalling our last trip to Nashville, we didn’t represent very well, on or off the field. Maybe we can redeem ourselves.

During the game, I had the idea flash in my brain that we might play OU in the Texas Bowl.

That isn’t/wasn’t based on any research or knowledge of who’s supposed to be going where…just a “sudden thought”.

I would love to beat down OU in a bowl game

ESPN projections just out:

Kyle Bonagura has us in Memphis against Bayluh
Mark Schlabach has us in Houston against Mobilehoma.

Bonagura also has Missouri in Las Vegas, which means he either thinks they beat us or that there are three open spots after all the 6-6 teams get in.

Hasn’t been updated yet, but The Athletic last week had us going to Vegas to play the Ducks.

My wife & I were talking about bowls and whether we’d go to it. She told me she’d never go to another Liberty Bowl. I told her it wasn’t likely to be nearly as cold as last time. She said the stadium is horrible in any weather. So, I guess we’re hoping for Nashville or Houston.


It was a very nice day the last time we played in the Liberty Bowl. We got off to a bit of a slow start but got it going and whipped K State by a couple of scores. Last game for Alex Collins, Hunter Henry, and Jason Allen

You’re right. I’d forgotten about the KSU game. I was thinking about the ECU game in 2010 (or was in 2009?). However, I remember the KSU game being a bit chilly. Nothing like the freezing ECU game, but a bit cold.

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I was there for that, and there for the Frostbite Bowl as well.

The Athletic put out its bowl projections today. They have us in Vegas against UCLA

Works for me! :grin::+1: