Bowl practice schedule

When does the team start practicing for the bowl game?

I think they are practicing this week. I know for sure they practice tomorrow.

Have they had any open practices for the press in the past? Any chance they would do it this year?

It would be nice to see how some of the red shirts are doing before spring practice next year.

Bowl practices typically are closed.

As well they should be

I’m sorry.

We aren’t playing for the national championship. This is a bowl game that changes nothing except another chance to leave a last impression.

The Missouri game has left a bad taste with people not thinking positively about the future.

We had a good recruiting class last year and have red shirted the majority of the class.

We had a practice where the seniors “stayed on the sidelines”.

What is the harm in the “press only” attending a practice and giving a report about how they look?

THIS year it might be good for the program to have this kind of positive report.