Bowl Outlook ???

Any insight on our scenarios?

I’m hoping for Music City & plan to go and support the players!

Todays win by Kentucky may or may not drop us to the Liberty bowl, But I’d say its pretty safe to assume Music City or Liberty according to sites and pundits

I think Matt said he thought it would be one of the Tennessee bowls, but Birmingham could be in the picture as well.

SEC bowl picture: 10 teams with 6 wins, Vandy has 5 wins and the APR to get a bowl spot, even if they can’t beat Tennessee. Ole Miss does not look like it will get that sixth win today (down 21, fourth quarter) and doesn’t have the APR, so they’ll go into probation with a thud.

So we have:
CFP for Bama

Eleven bowl spots, 10 teams with 6+, one with the APR to get in with five wins. Looks like a perfect fit. If South Carolina somehow beats Clemson tonight, there would be 10 teams with 7+ wins and we could be bumped down to Birmingham, but that remains to be seen.

I’ll have something on the bowl scenario once the games are over today. But I still think it will be one of the group of six bowls, most likely being Nashville.

Ole Miss’ pending loss to Mississippi State is pretty insignificant toward where Arkansas ends up. If South Carolina loses to Clemson, it’s almost assured that it will end up in Birmingham and the Razorbacks will be in one of the group of six bowls, which are Texas, Liberty, Music City, Belk, Outback or TaxSlayer.

I would be surprised to see the Razorbacks end up in the Outback, TaxSlayer or Belk because of proximity, and don’t think the SEC wants to put Arkansas back in Memphis or Houston so soon.

It’s great you plan to go. I hope you enjoy the trip and it’s a good game.

My wife and I had discussed going to Nashville for the game if that is where they will play. We have decided not to as we have limited funds, like most people, and don’t want to spend that much for what has been put on the field this year. We have limited time and funds, and money spent on entertainment should be entertaining. Hopefully there are enough fans who are willing to pay for what they are currently getting and the program keeps rolling, but I just can’t justify it for myself.