Bowl options

NBC Sports this morning is projecting us to the Outback Bowl, which I have a hard time believing for a four-loss team.

Jerry Palm at CBS projects us to Nashville against Iowa. That would be interesting, putting Bielema against his alma mater, and a team he coached against while at Wisky as well.

College Football News predicts a Liberty Bowl rematch with K-State. Seriously. I’d put the chances of that at pretty much zero. Liberty, I could believe. K-State, no.

Campus Insiders puts us in Charlotte against Virginia Tech. Interesting, but unlikely IMO.

The more I think about it, the more I think Nashville is the eventual destination. But we’ll find out in two weeks.

I’m gonna take a crack at a projection based on yesterday’s scores and what I think will happen this week.

CFP – Bama (semifinal in Atlanta)
Sugar Bowl – Florida
Citrus – Tennessee
Outback – LSU
Jacksonville – Auburn
Nashville – Hogs
Charlotte – Georgia
Houston – A&M
Memphis – Chickens
Birmingham – Kentucky
Shreveport – Vandy (they’ll get a bid at 5-7 thanks to APR)

I think Ole Miss will not get the sixth win. If they do, put them in Memphis and Vandy will get an at-large bid somewhere.

Sounds like from what I’m reading there will be a few of these. Maybe the NCAA can add a few more bowl games at the winter meetings. :sunglasses:

More and more, I think it will be Nashville. As far as Outback, I’ll believe that when it happens. They have not shown a desire to take a team from the SEC West. I would like Nashville alright. I’d visit the American Pickers store. Love that show. I can’t afford any of their stuff – outside of a hat or a T-shirt. But I like to look. I stopped in on my way to Knoxville last fall.

Tennessee has the inside track on the Sugar Bowl now. The Sugar has to take the highest-ranked SEC team not in the playoff. If Florida loses to Florida State and Alabama, it will be 7-5 and will have lost to a 9-3 Tennessee team (granted the Vols beat Vanderbilt this week).

Florida would go to the Citrus Bowl, which is required to take the loser of the SEC Championship Game if that team doesn’t make one of the New Year’s 6 bowls.

I still think Arkansas ends up either in Nashville or Memphis. I do not think the Florida bowls are on the table.

I suspect that our bowl destination is already baked into the cake.

Nashville is a natural. We should just embrace the opportunity and not lose sleep over this deal. A 9 win season with a large turnout of our fans probably helps build our long term resume with the Florida bowls.

Does the Cotton Bowl not take an SEC team any more or are they a part of the playoff this year?

Cotton Bowl is now one of the New Year’s Six. Every three years, they will be a semifinal game. But the tie-in with the SEC is gone. Same applies to the Peach, which is a semifinal this year.

Matt, I think Florida will beat FSU. Now what happens after they take their mudstomping from Bama, we’ll have to see.

When is the game in Nashville?

December 30, 2 p.m. CST

Thanks. I looked it up also. A 2P game on a Friday. Now that is real Prime Time. I guess people in AR and perhaps some Big 10 site will watch. I will be working for sure. This is what you get when you have no defense at all. At least the young guys will get extra practice time.

I’d love to go back to the Music City Bowl in Nashville. It’s a fun town, not too bad a drive and I really like that stadium. Had fun there in 2002 when the Hogs played Minnesota, although it was disappointing that Arkansas pretty much didn’t show up that day. Our group’s only negative experience that trip was the “neutral” fans from the Nashville area that were seated around us. We got our tickets through an online broker so we were not in the Razorback section of the stadium, but had good seats on about the 40 yard line. Throughout most of the game the folks around us remained noncommittal – cheering for good plays on offense, whether they were made by Arkansas or Minnesota. Then, about half way through the 4th quarter when Arkansas was trying to mount a comeback, it seemed like all of the locals in our section turned on the Hogs and started pulling heartily for the Gophers. I finally had my fill and asked some of the folks seated beside us and behind us why they would pull for a Big 10 team over an SEC cousin. They said they didn’t like Arkansas or Tennessee or Alabama or any of the other “haves” in the conference that always “look down” on Vandy. That was a surprise to me that (a) they felt no kinship to a fellow SEC program, or (b) that they considered Arkansas to be one of the “haves” in the conference. I guess you just never know what motivates fans to root for or against certain teams.

In 2002, Arkansas was a “have” in the conference because it played in the SEC Championship Game. The program had a pretty good run from 2001-03. Those were some of my favorite years to watch.

I’d like to go back to Nashville, too. We enjoyed ourselves at that bowl game. I know many didn’t, but by all accounts it has improved since then.

My sister lives in Nashville. The night before the game she calls me and says she has free tickets to the game in we want to come. So, my oldest (I guess he would have been 11 at the time, now he is married!) and I got up EARLY the next morning and drove to Nashville (from Conway) in time to go to the game. I mostly remember being tired after the game!

I thought the bowl was fine, other than the game itself.

Updating: put out updated bowl projections today. Both Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy have us in Charlotte vs. North Carolina. IIRC McMurphy has pretty much had us in Charlotte all year, but Schlabach now agrees with him. (Rematch of the 1981 Fog Bowl). Both of them have Georgia in Nashville.

and very well staffed with a lot of success in securing events for Nashville. This is the first year that I did not renew my membership, but might for MCB tickets. Music City Bowl packages can be purchased via the Council. Hotels and downtown development are why all the basketball tournaments have booked Nashville for years to come. We are way ahead of Birmingham for tourism opportunity and truly a hot national city for entertainment, food and diversity. I hate Nissan stadium and am currently booked to work that day but might give my daughter a chance to see a Razorback contingent and not just a minority presence as is usual with Nashville and the Razorbacks. I was shocked and disappointed in the SEC for not making Nashville the replacement for awful Hoover and the SEC baseball tournament. That Sounds stadium is great, better than Memphis and perfect for a college tournament. Scott is a great leader will make this year more hospitable than the past. 2002 practicing at Brentwood Academy and the lack of effort really let me down then it carried over to the game. I don’t like making the teams stay at Opryland Hotel which is way far away from downtown. Nashville in 2016 is light years ahead of 2002. I recently got a really good job offer to transfer to Little Rock and teach at UAMS, not sure I really want to leave Nashville. Hard to believe for me, but that is the way it is. Nashville is a great place for fun and family.

I kinda don’t want the HOgS to come because then I gotta switch and pull favors because I think I could not miss the chance to have my daughter around a bunch of Hog fans, she is the biggest Austin Allen fan walking the face of the earth. AA is not quite Messi in her eyes but he could get there.

Further update: has us going to Jacksonville against Miami. Yes, the U. That one is New Year’s Eve.

I really like the Mysic City Bowl

NASHVILLE is a fun place

But is Texas Bowl an option too?