Bowl inflation

Too many bowls chasing too few bowl worthy teams, devaluing the significance of going to a bowl. Is anyone truly upset that three bowls have already been cancelled?

ESPN probably.


I am. The more college football the better. It’s my favorite sport. Why people complain about “too many bowls”, I’ll never know. Who cares?


Up to this point, there has been little college football… but that is about to change.

I have watched most of them. I’ll continue to watch them. I never understand why people complain about something. If you don’t want to watch them, don’t watch them. I tune into the games and do what I do during the regular season (if I’m able to watch), I will watch a game as long as it is entertaining. When it gets out of hand, then I find something else. If there is another football game, I’ll go to that.


Totally agree with you. The more football, the merrier the season. I’ve watched pretty much all of them so far and there’s been some fun finishes. Watching the Quick Lane Bowl now.

I don’t get the complaining about “too many” either. Everyone knows the two on Friday are the ones with the most at stake. All others were going to naturally be devalued anyway after the playoffs came along.

Give me college football (or NFL, though I don’t like it nearly as much as college) every day of the week during bowl season and I’m happy. Great way to close out the year.

And anyone who doesn’t want to watch can still watch The Bachelor’s Got Talent or the Masked Dancer or whatever it is other people watch.


Yellowstone has been well worth watching.

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I watch parts of most of them if I don’t have something else going on. My point is that going to a bowl game just doesn’t mean what it once did. It used to be a real feather in a program’s cap to be in a bowl game. Now it’s main value to a program is the extra practices and many of the best players won’t even play in the game.

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Looking forward to two SEC games on TU & TH. MSU vrs TT should be a wild one.

Going is not the same. Agree. But I’m looking forward to the game in Tampa.

Tampa to Sanibel and Naples-hard to beat.


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