Bowl games

I really feel that there should be no bowl games this year. We were lucky to play as much as we did overall, but the bowl games will be a joke, including the so called National Championship game.

Not sure that the kids who busted their tails and were subjected to virus protocols would agree. Can only speak for myself, but not sure my opinion as a fan really should matter, all I did was plop on the couch, drive the remote and enjoy brats and beer!

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I’m for playing whatever games can be played. AD’s are hurting for money. The TV revenue won’t be huge I don’t think, but it’d be nice for the SEC to get its share of the CFP money and whatever money the bowls generate. Besides, I’d like to have a shot at ending our season on a winning note. We’re about a TD underdog against TCU, but as I recall, the only game we played where we did not beat the spread was the Alabama game. (Might have failed in the A&M & UF games, but I don’t remember & am too lazy to look them up.)

I believe the SEC counted on it when they beat everyone to punch with 10-game schedule. And ESPN is grateful.

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Clay, are you saying SEC Schools will get a big pay day from ESPN?

Maybe, I’m reading too much into your statement.

The non Playoff bowls are about live programming, mostly for ESPN. Live sports draw more viewers and ad dollars than replays, sports documentaries and talk shows.

No, ESPN owns the SEC Network. ESPN counted on the SEC to play games this season. And, they also counted on them for regular programming. And, they counted on them to fill their bowls. Without the SEC playing 10 games, ESPN was in deep poop.

Three SEC teams already bailed on their bowls, but Tennessee was replaced. The other two, though, have been canceled. That’s a decent chunk of the Bowl Season inventory, plus the games that had been called off even before the season ended. We’re down to 26 games plus the NCG. And I keep thinking there will be other bowls fall victim to the pandemic before Saturday.

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