Bowl games today

The Georgia-Cincinnati game is a good one.

Northwestern is handling Auburn convincingly in the first quarter. Typically I will root for SEC teams in bowl games … but I cannot root for Auburn. I’m happy so far.


Likewise I’m all in on this one

Same here. Can’t root for the plainsmen. We really need for Georgia to salvage some SEC pride. Turnovers really hurting Jawga.

Both playing uninspired. Cincinnati came in with a chip on their shoulder so far Jawja just showed up. I’m impressed with the undersized DL for Cincinnati playing heads up against the Dawgs…

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UGA looks awful. SEC isn’t looking very good in the bowl games this year.

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Dawgs pull it out. Good. Guess that shows for sure Cincinnati didn’t belong in the playoffs.

Auburn is stinking it up too.


Alabama 48
Notre Dame 20

It’s a great day! :wink:

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2 possessions for ND and 2 punts. 2 Bama possessions and 2 TD’s. It’s gonna be a long day for ND.

That high jump by Harris was impressive.

Funny how Auburn is missing the Mark Curles crew! That got hammered. I’m proud to see Auburn get beat!

I was pleased to see fumbles called correctly by the non-SEC officials.

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The College Football Playoffs have made the rest of these bowl games pretty insignificant. I used to love New Year’s day, and now it is not the same anymore.


That’s one reason I don’t like the playoff.

Out on a limb — I’ll say Buckeyes 52-48 over Bama tonight. Great offenses prevail.

Now, watch for the low-scoring win by Bama.

Yuck. I can’t stand TattoOSU.

Roll Tide.

So far Devonta Smith is making the best of the B1G look pretty small. :grinning:

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Yea Smith had more yards than the entire Ohio St offense in first half.

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