Bowl game

Has anybody seen the latest Bowl Projections? Is it correct they are not going to look at team records in picking teams?

Saw one that said the Las Vegas Bowl against Washington.

Any bowl game would be great for the kids, with what they had to put up with with Morris and Bert. They deserve one,


Plus the extra practice time will help the youngsters get reps.


Yes they would for everyone concerned

Saw a projection that had the Hogs in the Music City bowl against Maryland


I would think at this point Arkansas will be in a “group of six” bowl game. Those are the Music City, Texas, Gator, Outback, Las Vegas (assuming it is played) and Liberty.

An SEC team is probably going to get into the playoff, which would leave a spot for the SEC’s next-highest-ranked team to play in the Orange Bowl. The Citrus Bowl gets first pick of the remaining teams. You would assume Alabama, Florida and Texas A&M are going to be the ones picked for those games. Or maybe all three get into a New Year’s Six bowl and the fourth-best team gets the Citrus invite.

The group of six almost certainly would include Georgia and Auburn, but it’s a toss up from there. No one else has a winning record right now.

I wouldn’t mind if they’d put us in Memphis, but only if there was a 10 degree windshill and plenty of hot chocolate. Honestly, that is the only time I have ever drank a hot chocolate and Vodka. The W made it all worth while.


I’ve been to several Liberty Bowl games. Some the weather was quite pleasant, but some were just awful. That 2009 game was unbearably cold even though I bore it. It’s just hard to tell what it’ll be in Memphis in late December. If it’s a day game, it probably won’t be too bad.

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That game in 2009 was the coldest I have ever been at a football game.

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Just reading the words Liberty Bowl makes me shiver.


The coldest I’ve ever been at a game was the 1984 Hog vs Aggie game at RRS. Freezing rain with wind. After watching the Aggie band at halftime me and my brother in law headed to my nephew’s dorm room to watch the remainder. One of the few times I left a Hog game early. It was cold.

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This team probably fits in the Liberty Bowl. So many things scream for it.

Like this:

Liberty Bowl was last time the Hogs went 0-for on third downs – the 2009 game against East Carolina when Arkansas also went with a 6-6 quarterback (Ryan Mallett).

Liberty Bowl in 1971 was last time the Hogs recovered a fumble and handed it to the official (like against LSU) and an SEC official gave the ball to the other team. Yes that happened when Preston Watts gave the ball to Tennessee.

Do I need to go on?


The last Arkansas team to be selected by the Liberty Bowl had Sam Pittman on staff, although he wasn’t on the field for the game. He had left for Georgia a few weeks earlier.

My Tennessee friends don’t like to talk about the 71 Liberty Bowl and Preston Watts. They know it was a gift.

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Some bowls actually cost the participating schools money out of their pocket. I am not a know it all, but that is factual……Wonder how that will factor in the equation this season?

Traveling parties will be greatly reduced and they won’t camp out for 6-7 days. That will cut costs. TV sets have viewers looking for games to watch. That means ad revenue, not just a budget rescuing amount.

ESPN owns most of the bowls. They just want games. I do not think the ticket requirements per team will stand this season. You can’t make them take tickets that can’t be used.

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I forgot about that 84 A&M game. Yes with the sleet and rain it was horrible

My wife is from Memphis. We had just gotten married and living in an apt in Fayetteville in 1977 when her parents and two of their friends came up for a ballgame & the weekend. I had not met the friends at the time. They knocked on the door & the man stuck out his hand to shake mine & introduced himself as “Preston Watts.” He loved the look on my face. It wasn’t Watts of course, but he was a TN fan who wanted to see my reaction. I stuttered & stammered & he laughed about it. Said he expected I wouldn’t want to meet or be friendly with Preston Watts. He was right.

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