Bowl Game? Who is #3 QB?

Town has transferred and Kelley is out after surgery. If Austin went down, who would be Storey’s backup?

I think Town is making the bowl trip.

If you lose Austin and Ty, I think Dudley goes in.

while I don’t doubt Dudley’s arm strength I do question his 40 time. :lol:

Town is not transferring until after the bowl game. He will make the trip.

Robby Hampton

I think Dudley’s best position is probably blocking back. Ask Billy Warren.

That would be true - I was 6-2 before I started being the Power in Newport’s Power I and blocking for Billy.

Actually all my scholarships where to play safety.

Does the Rutledge kid over at the Sigma Chi house have any eligibility left? And didn’t we once pull a QB out of the band?

No and Yes. I believe it was Wade Hill, played against Georgia in the Shreveport Bowl.