Bowl Game math

Hope we are going to a Bowl game. We deserve to go. And I think we will.

If my memory is correct, our original schedule had us playing Ole Miss, MSU, and UTenn. Plus 3 non-conference games we probably would have won (and ND, which was a probable loss). D So if we would have played our original schedule, we probably would have won the 6 games that would have traditionally merited a Bowl. 7 with decent refs for the Auburn game :cry:.

On the other hand, I hear coaches (not talking about ours) saying we won X number of conference games and played no non-conference games, and winning X number in a year is pretty good. With no regard to
(1) you played more conference games than usual, thus more chances to win and (2) maybe the SEC brass added a couple of conference games that were more winnable than the conference games that were on your original

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