Bowl eligible

Program deserves better but after lowest of lows it is good to appreciate this moment.

We need more talent without a doubt and best of coaches etc.

But a program that was left for dead - or worse - is bowl eligible now.

Lots to build upon for the future if we can to get where we believe program should be now and forever.

Congrats to players, coaches and Administration.


Yep, need to win two more games and go to a decent bowl.

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After the 20 game losing streak a couple of yrs ago ANY bowl will be good .


Catalon’s injury has proven to be so huge. By far, he was the best of the back group. Without him, and with no one close to him as a #2, we have a mediocre secondary.


At least there getting reps and will help nxt yr, JC most likely want be back

Six wins is enough to get to Houston, which ain’t bad. I’ve seen us projected all the way from Houston to Outback. At this point any bowl is a good one but 8-4 would be a better one.

I would love to go to the Outback Bowl. I haven’t been back to Florida in 6 years. Would love to have a Razorback bowl excuse to get back there. For sure, we’d have to win 2 of our last 3 to have a chance. Our win over A&M is looking better and better. Not so much the TX win.

247 Sports this morning has us in the Outback Bowl against Iowa. My friend in Omaha is an Iowa grad (whose dad lives on Beaver Lake) so that would be rather intense for us.

Which reminds me of the acronym for Iowa: Idiots On the Way to Arkansas.

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