Bourbon on Marty & McGee

Fred Minnick is an Iraq veteran and author of several books about various liquors. He was on Marty and McGee this morning. When he returned from Iraq, his rehab included learning about his palette. It started with putting a potato chip on his tongue and learning about his palette that way. He has since written books about various liquors. He has written two about bourbon:

Fred Minnick author page on Amazon


I have been a subscriber for a long while and have an amazing amount of collectible or near collectible and rarely ever drink any of the stuff. I am fortunate to have some inside connections to the EH Taylor line thru some soccer friends and another thru an old bardstown master distiller whose niece is a Nashville aritst of renown and a friend. Fred is sold on himself and is a self promoter but loves what he does and like many who write caters to the Pappy crowd. Check that on Netflix.

I watched the documentary on the Pappy heist with Gage. Fascinating.

I haven’t read his books but I’m sure it’s excellent.

I enjoy bourbon but not a real drinker except in football season I do tend to have one to two shots a ball game - tysm for this post Marty

I’m a red wine drinker most of the time, but during football and basketball season, whisky without the “e” often makes it into the wine glass toward the end of the second half. I often regret that decision the next morning. Early afternoon games (I’m in Florida) play havoc with that plan however. Not sure what will be in the glass for the Rice game. It won’t be Sake. I’m sure the Texas game will be a full throttle evening. Toasting those who were lost 20 years ago on 9/11 plus the Hogs.


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