Bourbon and Mississippi State

It’s Mississippi State week
The Razorbacks travel to earthy Mississippi muddy “stark-e-vile”

In light of the earthy nature of bell ringing MST fans - blue collar and tough

I’ve chosen a Old Crow for its earthy qualities

Old Crow is known to bourbon drinkers like Paspt Blue Ribbon (PBR) is to beer drinkers

You Grand Pappy used it and despite the economic cost (a screw top bottle ) it is considered more than acceptable at a tail gate

If it’s a little raw to you for its lack of refinement that higher priced bourbons give you - just sweeten the Old Bird Crow with some Mississippi Mud fixens

Adding Old Crow to a Mississippi Mudslide recipe Will smooth it right out - Most women love it and it’s a hit at a tailgate (well - when ever that happens again - but at the watch party in front of the TV too)

There are number of good recipes on line

But if your like It like I was enjoying my James E Pepper (Before I had to leave at half time) last week - it’s on the rocks or neat - just expect the vanilla and Carmel flavors to be thin and not as Smokey rich As higher price bourbons

Go Razorbacks beat The river leach image


Old Crow has been around for ages. Had a Sherrif in our town who always had a bottle of that under is seat.

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No more James E. Pepper after last weekend. :flushed:

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It can be said it was my fault

I stopped sipping James E Pepper and turned off the tv when we had company I had not expected arrive calling me out of the tv den

But while I was sipping Janes E Pepper and watching Our Razorbacks we were winning

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Bluegrass you have 2 options this Saturday.
Bring guests into the TV room or take the TV with you.
Leave the cork out of the James E Pepper for both.

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In 1969, I was a freshman. My brother was a senior, and more importantly, 21. It was finals week and we had a few days off until the next exam. My roommate wanted hard liquor, not beer. I called my brother to see what he had. He said he had a bottle of Old Crow that he would never drink. That was good enough for us. We mixed it with coke, but as I recall, it pretty much cleaned out our digestive system!


My freshman year at UA Monticello my best friend and I decided to drink Evan Williams with coke. Thankfully we stayed in the dorm that night. We threw up every bit of it in my waste can before morning. We dumped can and all in the big garbage can at the end of the hall. We were not popular people the next day. It took me about 5 more years (and an unhappy wife to) to realize hard liquor did not agree with me. Still have that wife…about to hit 50 years. Blessed.


Not a bourbon drinker but love your passion and description. Almost makes me want to sample some. Almost.

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Well its Old crow this week - but you know - Just for the sake of the team - I’ll pull out the James E Pepper thats found its way into my trusty flask - Its got to be consumed or it will go bad you know? :wink:


Justin and Wess had a lady on that has started a new brand,

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OH Horror of Horrors - I had a case of that after a foorball game between the mens doorms on my college campus -

I was dehydrated and poured a 1/2 pint of Wild Turkey 101 into a Sonic Cup with ice and coke - It was smooth and I think I drank it down in less than 1/2 hour

halfway thru the bonfire I was sick as a dog

Friends took me to a hotel room where they played cards and watched me as I held my head in the tolet half the night - they made sure I was safe as I threw up all night in the bathroom

I didnt drink bourbon again for ten years

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Well - I talk a good game but I am an absolute light weight and my understanding of Bourbon is entry level compaired to the Men I know here in Kentucky

BTW; Its not manly to become drunk on Bourbon in the Bluegrass - thats for the inmature and unrefined -

Dinking and enjoying Bourbon is to enhance a meal - to open relax and enjoy the Pecan Pie like flavors - to enjoy the company of other disciplined and refined men of and women whose grasp the beauty of nature and her gifts - like Bourbon and Bar BQ

So when I drink I’m really slow on the second pour

so go slow and find a bourbon you can enjoy - I highly recomend Weller for new Bourbon drinkers - but be careful - its very smooth so you can go too fast

That’s why it’s called “sipping” whisky! Everybody has their own pace and as you say the more refined drinkers know that pace.
Ahhh and the right food is important for absorbing properly. PORK with fat is great btw.
Ukrainians & Russians taught me that when drinking Vodka with them.

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Absolutley true jimbeau77 - give me some Bar BQ Ribs and some Bourbon and its awesome

Ive also had some “Red Waddler” 1" thick smoked Pork chops that with Woodford Reserve were simply devine

Ive never worked with the Ukrainians or Russians much

But when I was a Maneuver Team Observer Controller (OC) at the US Army Combat Training Center (CTC) in Hohenfels Germany - Call Sign “Grizzley 10 and Grizzley 11”

In 1991 The Wall had just come down and we had Russian Intel Officers who would openly talk to us on our radios at night - they had been there listening the whole time in the Cold War and now that the Cold War was over they felt free enought to address us directly on our radios - spooky

One of them - “Boris” asked me - “Tell me Grizzley 11 more about your ARKanSaw Razoor- backs”

He knew more about me than I had thought possible including my favorite battle Armor formation and ona personal level knew I was upset that Ken Hatfield had left for “KLemmmseen”

It was spooky as all get out but we had some great conversations

he said - One day he wanted to go to America and see a Razorback football game - I hope he made it when we were winning

anyhow he asked me my favorite American Wiskey - At that time I told him “George Dickel” (Tenneessee )

Boris laughed and said “We give that to our babies in a bottle” - and when on to espouse the superiority of Russian Vodka - saying names I donot remember and I suspect were slurred from his comsumption of that superior product lol

Way way way back in the day I went to a game in WMS. We were playing Oklahoma State. We were drinking Old Crow before and during the game. Smoking in the stadium was permitted. I set the guy in front of me shirt on fire. I was asked politely to leave the premises.

To clarify. I accidentally set his shirt on fire.

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That is too funny

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