Bourbon and LSU

It’s hard to know what to drink with corn dogs or shrimp and mudbugs

Add it’s usually a low class bunch of Cajans when they get buzzed up on keystone beer

But a recommendation to bring some class to this low class affair

I recommend Woodford Reserve Bourbon neat or on the rocks

If it’s cold add it to hot cocoa and some say it’s delightful - though I’ve never tried it

I have had it with the homely corn dog and found it’s perfect for this Cajain staple

It adds class to anything as low as LSU

With its rich vanilla pecan abd spice Finnish - with a hint of smoke

It will add class to no lass LSU elbo rubbings be it best or in a. Old fashion

So Go Hogs Go and win with class May our Razorback fans toast you with Woodford Reserve in their glass

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I like that stuff. What I see in large quantities after games in their stadium is Crown Royal. The little purple bags are easy to spot.

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Yes must be because of their French Canadian roots - or maybe it’s just the color purple- LSU types are pretty simple

But they do cook good - must be the practice they have with road kill

Razorbacks are more refined from our European Russian Boar roots

So have a glass of Woodford - good enough for kings but like anything quality it lifts up the lowly corn dog too

Add there are loads of bourbon hotdog recipes

Quality Woodford makes Cajain berms and rice good

Infact Woodford Reserve is what the Governor of Kentucky serves dignitaries- it’s that good - Good enough for Razorbacks I say

Morning kickoff (noon here in Florida) is still a wee early for me to imbibe during the game. A nice glass to relish the victory will be nice in the evening though.

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I’ve never heard of this “a wee early” thing. I hope it’s not contagious!


My wife and I had a Woodford just last eve, although we do it with a splash of Sprite zero. Go hogs.

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Take a close look at my profile pic!

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Exactly! May you have a blast and share a flask with some Woodford in your glass tonight after Arkansas kicks some LSU A$$

Awe I told you Razorback Fans have class- it shows with what you imbibe with Woodford in the Razorback Toasting Glass

LSU not so much - they simply are unrefined - its all brut force and ignorance in that purple and yellor

Clashing colors and and tasteless to boot !

Now Arkansas bring home the Boot

please forgive my poor writing -

That is a fine profile pic my friend - look at the color and the richness therein you’re ready to beat Caj’in with guns ablaz’en no hesitation

Have some tomorrow evening after LSU is beat black and blue

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