Boulder fires

I texted with former UA assistant coach Mark Smith. His home in Boulder, Colorado was destroyed by fire yesterday. He recruited Jalen Catalon, Hudson Clark and Nathan Parodi (the last two walked on) for the Hogs.

I think a lot of Mark and his family. Good folks. He’s on the Colorado staff.

Most are watching football but he was on NBC nightly news tonight.

It was grass fires. Just so dry in that part of Colorado. Gage has told me wildlife (elk, sheep, etc) are streaming out of front range because of dry conditions.


We are about 40 mi E of where the fires were. It all happened in one half day. Over 600 houses went up in about 3 hrs. It has been dry. I mean really dry. We are thankfully getting snow tonight which is the first real moisture since May.

Been getting great snow in the mountains all week and it is being measured in feet. Skiing has been great all week.

Really feel for the folks in Superior and Louisville. Those towns have been mostly destroyed.


Prayers for Coach Smith and all those devastated by the fires. Hard to imagine.


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