Bottom line, we lost our best offensive unit

Going to bed last night, I was comfortable that someone will step up and make up for loss of Brazile.

However, I woke up this morning realizing that we have lost our best offensive unit that can do the job on defense also. Our best unit was Brazile, Nick, Black, Council and Walsh or Devo. We can spread the floor with Brazile on the top behind the three point line or on the wing and let Ricky, Nick and Black go to work. I just don’t see a replacement for that on the current roster. Neither Graham or Mitchell twins can fill that role.

Muss has won a lot of games last two years using that option with Jaylen Williams. This year Brazile was the perfect plug in after Jaylen. Remember positionless basketball.

That option is done for the season.

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Muss said essentially the same thing on Jim Rome today.

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We lost a key piece. A favorite.

But we are nowhere near one dimensional.


No doubt. Trevon is a freak with an extremely versatile skill set. How many players can be a rim defender and a team leading 3 point shooter? A dynamic shot blocker and a dribble drive threat. He literally could guard 1-5.

I hope that his recovery is quick and complete. We do have talented players, but no one can do as many things at such a high level as Trevon showed in every game.

They may let Council play that role a bit in stretches by going small, which means you would have still have some length (if not height) on the floor with quickness and you’d have a lot of guys who can make things happen off the bounce on offense.

Problem with that is defending the rim on the other end of the floor. Ricky lacks size for that.

We are definitely not one dimensional. But this dimension gave us best scoring and that dimension is no longer available. I bet Muss’s not happy about that.

Nobody is happy about it. We will see how it shakes out. Many other dimensions know and unknown available as Muss pointed out. I think our scoring is going to be just fine.

It would be back to no position basketball, which we have played a lot since Muss got here, only this time with more overall length than we’ve had in the past in situations where our one good big was not on the floor.

It can’t be something we run all the time unless the other team just can’t handle it. We still have the twins to play as rim protectors and true posts, and that’s the way I expect we will play most of the time, with Kamani also getting some minutes in the undersized power forward Tasmanian Devil role. This is also Graham’s big chance to carve out a rotation spot as a power forward, I’m wait and see on whether that works out.

I think it is Graham time! This guy appears to be a great scorer around the basket, couple this with the Mitchell twin towers and I’m hoping it will be a reasonable facsimile of TB. Regardless, we are going to miss him, this could have been the team to go to Houston! Still might be!

I have said two or three times that I think we should be posting up AB because he’s good around the basket and he’s a very capable free throw shooter. Let Nick be the PG and get his shots, feed council and get the ball on the block to AB where he can penetrate and try to score or kick back out to Nick

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Did that a bunch with Jalen Tate in Muss’ second season.

Absolutely and I think it would be highly effective we’ve done that to him one or two times this year and he went right to work as soon as he got the ball and he is a dual threat as I mentioned to score or dish out to council or Nick

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That will work.


Not a bad idea, Coach.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah the old football coach has watched about as much basketball as he has football but he does not know the ins and outs of it nearly as well but he does know great matchups when he sees them LOL

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Graham is the wild card in this scenario. He has a HUGE opportunity now, and he has the skills to really help us. Muss said he was in the gym early today. Fingers crossed the light has finally come on for him.

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Yep the ball is in his court so to speak! He has been blessed with incredible post moves and a very soft shot around the basket. Very nice stroke from free throw line. He is just a handful in the paint because what he lacks in size he makes up for it with incredible post moves he will get fouled a lot if they will only call it.

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You can’t replace, this year, what is irreplaceable. This is a true gut punch.

Visited with Dane Bradshaw tonight. He and I agree that what they lost was a rim protector on defense. Three blocks per game won’t be easy to replace.

Almost everybody no matter the sport looks at offense. Defense wins. Brazile’s defense and rebounding way above the rim is a critical loss.

Yes, you need to score but there are lots of ways to score. Not many can effect the game way above the rim.