Bottom line--It's all about the MONEY

I really like several of the names being thrown out here.

BTW does anyone on this board have enough money or power to do ONE thing about a new coach?

One point is CBB makes it to 6-6 then he’s not going anywhere. Maybe 5-7 keeps him.

CBB is a good guy. So now we have got to rebuild. Are we going to give CBB “OVERS” on that?

Bottom line it’s going to take 8 to 15 million to fire CBB and take another chance on somebody to come to the SEC. And try to rebuild. Boom there goes another 3 to 4 years gone.

Scott Frost
Lane Kiffen
Chizik, Fulmer, or Miles

Re: Scott Frost What’s he cost us?
Re: Mike Norvell. What’s he cost us?
Re: Chad Morris. What’s he cost us?
Re: Skip Holtz. What’s he cost us.

AND on and on.

Matt, Swine anybody? Have a way to figure up what the bottom line cost or close to change coaches? Like the the Ames, Iowa coach. I’d like to have hime but is it not about 9M to buy him out?

DO WE have the money to afford a change?

BTW how much money does the foundation have?
And how many money men do we have. The Jerry Jones type?
Maybe we have 10 big money men. How may do A&M, Auburn, LSU, Tide. How many more do they have than us. Even the whole SEC. Where are we on that pole? Anybody know?

People talk on here I want this guy or this guy. But not a sole will be asked or give to that trading of coaches.

IF JERRY JONES wanted him gone and 2 others could they make it happen??

END OF Rant…

Shameless Bump.

Anybody care about this question?

Great post! On point!

6-6 and CBB stays, maybe 5-7.

But I think that is a tall order.

6-6 is not happening. We had 1 Olinemen and he is gone. Solves your 6-6 problem. 5-7? extrememly unlikely. 4-8? Means we have to win an SEC game - Who? MO? Anybody think our defense can stop them? Can our offense score on them? Sure couldn’t last year and we had 2 Olinemen. Have none now. 3-9? Perhaps.

It almost always is an expensive proposition to fire a coach and bring in someone who is established. That’s why the ADs are so patient, because they understand everything that is involved in the process.

That said, the major programs have the means to make a change when necessary.

They will have to find a coach that wants a job!
The first order of business is we still have a head coach and the powers at be have not made or have not announced a decision on his status. I would figure that Jeff Long has talked to CBB! They are the only 2 people that really know.