Bottom line, Coach Mike Anderson

has to find a way to get production out of his big men. When collectively they give you 7pts and 10 rebounds amongst 4 guys that’s not gonna cut it. You won’t win games like that. Honestly, they need their butts whooped. It’s inexcusable for those 4 or 5 players not to average a double double as a whole. We get zero production from that 4 spot. The bigs need to take this personally to play better and be more consistent. In my opinion their inconsistencies are what is killing this team.

I said moreover our four position is arguably the worse in college basketball and our point guard position is none existent…CJ Jones smh is too inconsistent and really I think has reached his ceiling maybe him and Adrio should free those scholarships up so they can play more at another school and we can get the players we need… on the positive note though Darius Hall is the truth and a great player i like his game