both teams' pitchers tonight

After the very generous strike zone last night for both teams, I expect a more normal strike zone tonight. The team whose pitchers don’t get upset at not getting those balls getting called a strike will prevail tonight. The hitters for both teams should look much better, abnormal amount of strikeouts last night for both squads as they either couldn’t pull the trigger on the pitch that never got close to the outside corner or they chased pitches that were way out of the zone.


OSU certainly gave up a lot of walks if there was a generous strike zone.

From my vantage point, there is no way I could offer an opinion on the strike zone. Obviously, that’s easier to judge by watching on TV.

I don’t think there was anything wrong with the strike zone other than he didn’t know how to call the back door breaking ball,3-4 of those were up and off the plate,other than that he was fine IMO,We get Costello tonight who robbed us against SC but in his defense he called a good game his only time so far in Omaha

Of course if you’re really paranoid it doesn’t matter what Costello did behind the plate last week because he didn’t have the chance to screw us personally…

what does he have against us? I have heard he doesn’t like DVH but haven’t heard why?