Both teams had tons

Of open looks and opportunities to just hammer the other.

Second half in key moments KY just didn’t brick key open jumpers, we did. They didn’t throw it to the invisible man, or brick many 2 footers. They didn’t throw passes to us a lot.

I’ll tip my hat to the the best money can buy. They stepped up and drilled key bucket after key bucket in a hostile environment. They were very focused when they had the opportunity to make a move.
We just contiinue these great 4-5 possessions of greatness immediately followed by 4-5 possessions of unforced dumb stuff.
Had so many key open looks to really roll them and just clang them everyone. We played very hard. Just to many key bricks and dumb stuff, and at the exact wrong time.

refs were pretty equal to the task, they no called and bricked a lot it seemed in very key moments as well.

When I saw KY had dropped out of the Top 25, I knew we were in trouble. Block outs were a waste of time. KY climbed our backs all night. They had complete freedom. No calls ruled.

Yes sir. Excellent analysis.