Both Bama and LSU

Have some awesome defenses. Yes they have great players but their defenses are far from simple. Zone and corner blitzes, dropping linemen into coverage. I just remember us dumbing down our defense so we could play fast, react instead of think. I know we recruit kids with good grades so they aren’t dumb. Why don’t we do stuff like this. Is it all talent? Saban is best defensive mind I’ve ever seen in college football. LSU isn’t far behind. Impressed.

Was watching Clemson’s D tonight. Man was that nice. Different looks and schemes on almost every play. Pressure coming from everywhere. Sigh…

Yes we recruit smart kids, but how many have great football IQ? How many have great anticipation, instincts, etc.

There have been a couple few times in recent years when Arkansas has signed a guy that, when I looked at his measurables, I wondered why he didn’t have more elite offers. After watching him play I thought “looks like Tarzan plays like Jane” because situational awareness, instincts, etc. were lacking. My guess is our coaches knew this, but you take what you can get and can only hope you get enough kids with high football IQ to be successful.

It’s not something that’s talked a lot about by fans during recruiting - we talk about 40 times, etc. I bet coaches talk about it a lot in recruiting meetings