In my opinion we are in a terrible position. I blame the BOT for putting us in this seemingly untenable position. I would like to know who is on the board and whose push put us in this position. Anybody know?

Lot of views— no response— everybody think bot handeled this properly?.

Did they handle this properly? No.

Are we going to be happy within the next few days? NO

Who is responsible? Ask Clay, he said some of those pushing this he considered friends.

I’d say the BOT may have acting by firing Long because he supported CBB. This is only my opinion they had a coach they wanted with other candidates but no such idea on the new AD.
Changes needed to take place for sure. I hope they get a coach in by next Tuesday and who really cares about the AD.
I like the idea of hiring the AD from Tulsa that has connections to our hogs.
Who ever they hire they want a puppet so they can run things.
Your right about Clay knowing what’s going on. He is probably the most connected person on the hill. Clay also tells it like it is. He is one of us ( hog to the bone).

It is way too early to tell anything. We are living in a world of instant gratification, and these things just take time. The stakes are high in this game. The money, legalities, and egos of the people involved here demand a lot of discretion. We all want to know every move that is made the very second that that they are made. The interest is so intense that rumors and false information like always are running rampant. The situation is also so fluid that it can change totally two or three times almost instantly.

The BOT may or may not know exactly what they are doing. No one knows yet. This may turn into a dumpster fire, but as of tonight it definitely has not. By noon tomorrow, that may be a totally different story, however.

The BOT’s recent actions reflect a spontaneous cowboy shoot from the hip type attitude, at least on the surface.
But we must stop and think for a minute, these board members are highly educated hand picked members that bleed Razorback Red. It would be silly to think they “All” just agreed one day to fire the AD & head football Coach without a well thought out plan in place & agreed to by “All”. The plan would obviously have contingencies in place also, ie plans A, B, C and so on. They knew the attention would zero in on them & the University instantly. Lot of egg on a lot of faces to be considered here if this is botched with future ramifications. I believe that’s why the most pertinent info is kept really close to the hip here. Need to wait for the end result before passing judgement.
Clay & others may know more than they are revealing, but being the professionals they are, will not/should not let the cat out of the bag at this time.
Just have to ride the storm out.

Seems to me that the hurls of incompetence have been thrown rather swiftly by a large number of fans, many on this board, toward the BOT. Was there a plan? Probably so. Can plans change? Absolutely. Was/is there “in-fighting” among those in power? Almost certainly. Powerful people with powerful egos seldom see eye to eye on anything 100% of the time.

But folks, this football program has not been trending in a good direction for quite some time for a variety of reasons. This season reached unprecedented levels of sucktitude.

Those with power, influence, call it what you will, had reached the point of anger and embarrassment. They were going to act, and they were going to act now. They were/are going to try to do everything within their ability to try and right the ship and effect change within this program from the top on down.

We may not ever fully know all of the reasons that Jeff Long did not factor into their plans, but clearly he did not. Apparently they had seen enough of what they felt was not going to propel this program to the type of success that they, and we as fans, expect and desire. Clearly they wanted him to have no part in deciding who the next head coach would be.

Is this process working as smoothly as some would like? Maybe, maybe not. We’re not privy to all of the information, and therefore we are left to assume. Many choose to assume the worst.

I choose to watch the process unfold, thankful that those with the ability and the means are passionate enough to take action. It’s about time someone injected some real passion into this program.

Is all of this a guarantee of success? Absolutely not. But I feel a heck of a lot better knowing that at least major steps are being taken to try and get us to where we all want to be.

Just an opinion.

That makes a lot of sense, Genuineswine, well said.
Really successful people are seldom dumb. Narcissistic and
egomaniacs perhaps but nobody is perfect.