BOT information

This is a technicality, but anyone who says that the UA board of trustees took a vote on Jeff Long last week is incorrect. Any vote recorded in executive session would have had to have been made public after the meeting ended.

What I’m told happened is that individual board members expressed their opinion of Long’s job performance, and Long had lost the confidence of the majority of the board. But there was no vote on his job status.

SO essentially they got together, checked the temperature of the
body, found it way below 98 degrees, and just never bothered to
call a time of death. So officially its not dead without the time of
death and there would be no need to File the Death Certificate.

Potato ---- Pa.tat.o

they met outside executive session so nothing had to be reported. they met with chancellor who called long to the meeting but long was not summoned, he sat outside. my understanding as it was told to me. could have been informal straw poll. but the vote was near unanimous semantics here.

Yep. It iis indeed a technicality. Board didn’t technically fire him, but it made the decision.

So, is this the way you want the BOT working? Not insinuating anything. A pure question. Do you want it to be a return to the GOB network or do you see this as a return to such? Just asking for opinion.

The fact that Frank has passed, the GOBN will run the show.
Buckle your seat belts.

I think you mean they met in executive session, not out of it. The only other meeting was in the public forum at the board meeting.

I’m not disputing any of what you say is true about there being a near unanimous consensus. I’m saying that there was not a formal vote of the board. A formal vote would have required it to be reported, including how each member voted, if I understand the process correctly.

Again, this is a technicality, but it is important to set the record straight.