Boston Celtics: New regime will take over

GM Danny Ainge stepping down.

Coach Brad Stevens stepping down and moving to the front office, whatever that is. Another college coach unsuccessful at the next level,

He’s taking Danny’s spot. Running the whole show.

Stevens coached the players Ainge brought in. Trader Danny will not be missed for long.

I’m hearing that Stevens has been tired of coaching since going through the Bubble last year and is welcoming the move into the front office.

ESPN and CBS Sports articles all say that. The bubble wore him down. I imagine every day this year that he has wondered who would be in sickbay for the next game as well.

Are you saying Danny brought in players without Brad’s approval? Thought Danny and Brad had a good relationship.

They haven’t had a productive point guard since Isaiah Thomas. Kyrie gave about 50%, I can see how Celtic fans like me are pissed at him. Kemba was okay, but too often injured. A one dimensional offense that was basically Tatum jacking 3’s or taking it to the rack was stoppable after a while.

Hard to see a path for the Celtics to be more than a fringe playoff team the next three or four years.

I did not say that. Ainge traded away Isaiah who played while injured and brought in a diva in Kyrie. They haven’t had a reliable PG since Thomas left. Superstar Kemba, a good guy, comes in with bad knees. He still has 2 years and 10s of millions left on his contract. Fournier? IIRC I believe Doc Rivers was motivated to leave over personnel matters. Danny was the boss. Have never read about an issue between Brad and his boss.

Danny is leaving because of the combination of his heart attack and the struggles of the team this season.

People seem to forget that Boston had been in 3 of the last 4 Eastern Conference Finals before this season.

While the Celtics goal should be to win it all as they have 17 times,k let’s don’t try to rewrite history here and act as if they have sucked overall recently.

I’ll take Tatum and Brown and build around them after revamping the roster

Do you think we need a point guard though Dudley? By the way, really went stagnant after Theis was traded.

We obviously have to get more mileage out of Kemba than he is giving to this point with his injuries.

I did not like the Theis trade although I did like having Fournier when Brown suffered his season-ending injury.

Salary cap and luxury cap will dictate a lot of the roster make up.

I want Tatum, Brown, Walker, Williams, Pritchard, Langford and Nesmith back, but I believe Smart is likely to be moved and the rest is uncertain.

I admit I had looked over that. East has been weaker of the two conferences for several years now, but reaching 3 out of 4 finals is still very good. And no way the Celtics have sucked,

In some ways, this has a strange similarity and ending on a smaller scale of Arkansas making the NCAA tournament 3 out 4 years prior to not making it.

Terry Rozier > Kemba Walker

Future is bright in Charlotte


I don’t think they will be terrible, I just don’t see them winning the Eastern Conference with what’s there and what they are likely to be able to obtain. It’s more a matter of other teams getting lots better and having more room to improve than it is the Celtics being hopeless. They would really need a lot more good fortune in drafting and free agency than several other Eastern teams to be a real threat.

I didn’t say they were going to win it all, but I disagree with the fringe playoff team reference.

I think they will be better than that

I thought Danny had done a good job with the draft. Getting Tatum and Brown is great drafting. They should be able to build around those two.

I don’t know if Stevens is going to be any better at it than Ainge. Also Ainge was fortunate to have multiple first round draft picks. Stevens doesn’t have that luxury right now.

Unsuccessful says OP? Greg Popovich he’s not, but this was 6 straight years finishing 500 or better, with an overall record of 354-282 (56%). Stevens is a good coach, one of the few to do well in both College(166-49) and the NBA. My money says he’ll do a good job as GM.