Bo's show; Mike Irwin- BACK to Arkansas guys!

Let’s talk about what Mike just talked about.

Did you hear him? Let me say sometimes I like Mike, sometimes not so much.

Mike’s story is that a group that was once close to the program are now pulling together together.

Hire Jerry Don Phillips for a couple of years as AD and hire Gus Malzahn. GET back to Arkansas people who know ARKANSAS.

I like get rid of JL and hire Mike Norvell. I like the Iowa St coach, but think we will get outbid.

Actually I’ve NOT been able to say this (couldn’t put into words) , but GETTING back to Arkansas people I think is what we need.


I heard the same thing. Frank Broyles was not an Arkansas man until he came and never left. Holtz surely wasn’t an Arkansas guy.

Now, here is where I problems with Mike’s story. When Jeff Long was hired our program did not have the money it now does. We did not have the basketball practice facility, the new soccer and softball fields, the Jerry jones academic center, etc. Plus, we all say that we must recruit harder and spend more. To turn back time is to return to a world that simply doesn’t exist anymore. The program requires money, lots of money. You must have someone in charge that can fundraise and manage millions. For everyone that has turned back tickets, someone else paid the price and took them. Many complained because they have to pay more. Many who may have had power in and over the athletic department no longer enjoy those perks and they are pissed. Going back to an Arkansas man means these folks want back in power.

You may not like it but Jerry Jones changed the beer and beverages at Cowboy stadium. Pepsi paid him handsomely and that is why he sells it. Same with Ford and Miller Lite.

What Mike has proven in his story is that this is a power play. These folks were in power before, Long and Bielema don’t allow them to have power, so they want to replace these two folks so “they” can return to power. I don’t want our program to be run by powerful boosters like we did with Gus and Nutt again. These folks don’t have sway anymore and they are pissed and this is what is driving the train. Folks want power. To get it anyway they can.

Not no but hell no.

A voice of reason, thanks!

It was Mike Irwin, not Mike Nail.

And it’s Terry Don Phillips

My bad. Sorry. I knew that, actually know Mike. Guess I’m thinking BB and looking at the bobble head on my desk.

Wait a minute, I said it right. Mike Irwin. Maybe you corrected it Matt. Anyway, thanks

My bad AGAIN…

He also supposedly said the BOT couldn’t fire Long or Bielema. I would think they would rather the President of Chancellor do it, but I can’t see it being out of their duties.

Meetings of the Board and its committees are subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, requiring open meetings except for executive sessions “for the purpose of discussing or considering employment, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining, or resignation of any public officer or employee.”

I would think employment meant, hiring and firing, although that would be in the open session, in which they probably would prefer not to do.

I doubt the BOT would go over the head of Long and Joe Steinmetz to fire BB. Now they might tell Jeff and Joe that it would be best for their own job security if they were to make a change at the head coaching position. But that would be more of an Auburn move, for the trustees to micromanage the football team. That would be like Congress voting to fire some Undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of alfalfa hay, four or five rungs down the ladder. However, when wealthy people get their feelings hurt and start complaining to those in authority, you’re never quite sure what will happen.

We sure don’t want the boosters running the show. Take Auburn for example, they had Tubberville as coach and he beat BAMA something like 6 straight years. One of their powerful boosters didn’t care for him, so they fired him. How many times have they beat Bama since? And they got away with buying Cam Newton. We really don’t want to go that route.

I think we are all putting the horse before the carriage. That includes me at times.
Long has done a great job making improvements on the hill.
We can all gripe about CBB record for the past 3 years we shouldn’t include the first 2 years in my opinion.
The BOT’s may not be happy but they will stay in their lane.
CBB is a good guy and probably pretty smart. He knows he’s in a pickle!
Long is pretty sharp too! Long is loyal to himself. He may have discussions about the coaching situation but i think it’s his decision to make.
The big boosters that want to run and have power need to sit this out. We need a complete coaching staff and Horton needs to return to the staff not as a HC but to the staff. We need a defensive coordinator and an Oline coach that can stand and watch the game and make corrections. This entire staff lacks the ability to chew tail! Sometimes you have to go toe to toe and let these kids know what they are doing isn’t cutting it.
We know something is going to change but we don’t know for sure. CBB may be back next year. It’s all a guessing game until these next 3 games are complete.

All correct information.

I have been giving to the foundation for 40 years.
Talked many times to Harold Horton. When going into the foundation several years ago he gave me a couple Razorback practice shorts (not sure) and shirts were given to me. GREAT guy.
Norm DeBriyn knows me pretty well. He was in a video I made back in the day. Actually he always told me when he was on I-40 near VB he thought of me.

A few years ago I was standing by Jeff Long. Had a chance to ask a question, say Hello. NOBODY really around and I got the brush off and he held up his hand like a STOP sign and said
“Not now, I don’t have time” Sure maybe he was busy BUT at that very second he could have shook my hand and said something like Nolan said to me before a BB game and taking the time after I asked a question. Nolan took 10 minutes of his time and thanked me and my brother-in-law for being a Razorback fan and coming to watch his kids play.

So I am not a Jeff Long fan. He did just as Pitt said he would do. Run off the small guy and only the money boys got his time. Just my 2 cents.

BTW sending pledges out for BB before the darn season sure didn’t help matters. IMO he’s a jerk, sorry

I agree with both sides. I think you look for the best coach for the situation and IF they have some background of understanding Arkansas and Arkansas football, then wonderful. I know a lot are against Tuberville, but I really feel like he could be a good fit for Arkansas story. I think he REALLY wants to finish his career on a bright spot after his last two stints (strong motivation) and we have the resources with the right coach to be successful vs his last two stops.

It’s always good to have Arkansas people in charge, and it’s certainly good for the athletic director or any representative of the program to be a “people” person. That said, Long has been good overall for the program. Prices have gone up as the structures go up, but unfortunately that’s the price of trying to keep up with the Joneses of the SEC. Arkansas has many issues in keeping up; a lack of facilities isn’t one of them, thanks to Long. Also, most programs outside of football are doing well. People who don’t like Long are going to want somebody different and will say we need to get back to Arkansas people. People who like Long are going to defend him. All I say is be careful what you ask for. A return to “Arkansas” people may be a return to politics and much in-fighting, as in the day of HDN. Hire Malzahn and it’s a lightning rod for half the fan base who will never accept him.