Bo's incredible interview with Kopps

Incredible young man, need a lot more like him.


Youdaman, thanks for posting this! That was nothing short of amazing. Kopps was, of course great, but so were Matt Hobbs and Bo.

Take the time to listen, it will definitely feel like it was worth your time!

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I would have liked more Kevin and less Hobbs, but that’s just me. Matt’s stuff was interesting but I would have liked hearing more of KK’s thoughts.

Just so refreshing to hear a young man in a world of “Look at Me attitudes” to want no part of that… He’s special on and off the field. Hopefully he will end up on the mound for the final out for the NC.

Oh my that brought tears to my eyes.

What an amazing young man.

Thank you Kevin for teaching lessons about life, as well as the thrills you give us on the diamond.

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Yeah Doc got to admit my eyes were leaking a little too…

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